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Noda said Japan needs to tap into China's development


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it will be interesting to see if anything tangible develops out of these talks.

at least it is encouraging to see a semblance of positive initiative on the part of one of these revolving door prime ministers.

it is also significant that this statement follows on the heals of the tpp issue, which china has been less enthusiastic about than other countries.

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Agreed. And the JGOV needs to go to the front line to smooth out the path (diplomacy) for Japanese business sector. China is a huge market that we can no longer ignore.

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The problem is the gap between politics and reality. Japanese companies are already somewhat entrenched in China - but how to differentiate between genuine low risk opportunities and outright frauds. Secondly - Japanese corporate mentality is colonial - the goal of Japanese corporations is to suck resource and money back to Japan - which doesn't work well in China. China prefers long-term companies that will contribute to the domestic infrastructure and employment - with heavy social responsibility. While the world criticizes China's state run enterprises - the simple fact is they provide massive employment for a country with 4-5x the population of the USA. Japan's population of 120-130 million roughly equates to a single large province in China (but kudos to Japan for being the world's #3 economy at roughly one-tenth the population and size of China).

Over the last ten years I've continuously provided major (USD 100 million+) contractual opportunities to both US and Japanese firms - the USA is simply unresponsive. Japanese firms have tried on multiple occasions to circumvent our NDA/Non Circumvention Agreements and use their own "guanxi" to circumvent my mandates - which shows their utter disrespect for entrenched Chinese processes. I can only be amused as circumvention of a mandate results in open bidding as opposed to sole sourcing (no corruption involved - we don't do that).

Our focus has changed from working with Japanese and US multinationals to the SME's. They're less prone to banditry although their lifecycle stability is always a risk.

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Also - based on the above numbers - perhaps you all see why Japan and the USA are quite concerned - China WILL eventually shift the balance of economic power. with a population ten times the size of Japan and five times the size of the USA and already the world's #2 economy, what do you think will happen as the Chinese machine ramps up to it's full capacity? It will obviously overwhelmingly eclipse both Japan and the USA combined.

Kudos to Mr. Noda for his long-term vision - hopefully - China will be significantly more responsible as a global citizen than the USA - with it's long history of using military and violent covert interventions to interfere, oppress, and suppress the natural evolutions of foreign governments and sovereignties, in its quest for colonial domination of foreign sovereign natural resources and manipulate "world favor". BAD neighbor...BAD neighbor. For those of you who disagree - let's discuss using the US's complicated relationship with Mexico as a case study.

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What? Japan has been helping China's development since the greedy Japanese companies moved their manufacturing department in China. Giving China the know how and technology of Japanese products secrets.

@Seaforte.... Yes China is now a bad, bad neighbor. They are now the Bully of Asia.

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So where is TPP? Is a joke?

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@bajuista65: And China exports rare earth to Japan, so how dare you say China bullies japan?

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It would be wise to get in China before the soft coup occurs. China will become a more democratic country within the next 50 years. The Chinese people will simply not tolerate the schizophrenic authoritarian 'communist" government forever. The state can squeal about neo-colonialism all it wants. The Chinese people want their iphones, or at the very least their rip off black market versions.

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We need to isolate China from the rest of the civilized world!!! When Chinese people know they can't get good products from us, they will overthrow their government and beg for our forgiveness!!!

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Does he mean the further HOLLOWING out of the Japanese economy?? Almost everything here in Japan is being moved on over to CHINA! Sooner or later we will have history books with pictures of tvs, radios, walkmans etc..the good old days when Made In Japan still existed!!

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