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Noda says defense shift could be excuse for militants to attack Japan

By Linda Sieg

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"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s defense policy shift to allow the military to fight abroad for the first time since 1945 could be used by militants as an excuse to attack Japan, "

If this argument were true, then Japan's inability to fight abroad would be an even better excuse to attack Japan.

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I see Noda pictured there with her brain trust.

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Totally agree! Abe is putting Japan on the ISIS terror map by his foolish attempt to "normalize" Japan into a remilitarized state. We will suffer the consequences. Nothing will change until the representation in the Diet is rebalanced, but of course politicians won't do this because they will lose their jobs and can't do anything else. So, start proactively protecting yourself!

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Another elite grandchild of a former high ranking bureaucrat and politician. Let's forget about her already and choose someone not raised with a golden spoon who has little idea about the lives of most people. If she did, she would be talking about the conditions of single mothers and child poverty and not playing the fear-mongering terrorism card.

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Noda says defense shift could be excuse for militants to attack Japan

That's EXACTLY what the terrorists want you to think.

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I have a feeling that if terrorism were to ever strike Japan they would recall the passports of the country suspected.

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ISIL/ISIS has already killed Japanese, Chinese, Norwegians, …etc. Terrorist don’t care who you are, where you are from, or your believes. All they care about is the faith of killing. Apparently the old passive way of thinking wasn’t working and the nation has called on Abe to help protect its citizens. How is he to accomplish that without this “defense shift”? Noda and others are quick to criticize Abe, but offer no ideas to help.

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so the japanese journalist whom isis decapitated were not victims of a terrorist attack? come on this woman is good japan needs to take responsibility and kick some arse and actually get involved.

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Militants will never attack Japan but there is always possibility some few relay crazy one can sneak in with AK-47 but even this not likely happen as vigilant Japanese would pin them to the ground before any shoots fired.

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Japan shouldn't give assistance to US military in Middle East and its focus on East Asia. Japanese Government must stay out of Muslims' problems. Given assistance to US Military in East and South East Asia is okay but Middle East and Afghanistan are not okay.

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"Militants will never attack Japan"

Why not?

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