Noda tells ASEAN Fukushima not an obstacle to doing business in Japan


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Now that is Salesmanship! Might just buy that aluminum cladding after all.

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Did he mention the corrupt collusion between public and private industries and a lack of transparency as aids to doing successful deals in Japan. Wow a real positive spin master. Good luck Japan but the lack of pro-active dissemination of facts regarding Fukushima by Japan Inc. actually is a real obstacle to business.

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It still remains an obstacle because the government refuses to admit, until caught red-handed, how tainted products from the area and surrounding areas are. What's more, while Fukushima may 'no longer' (and Japan never admitted it was in the first place) an obstacle to dealing with Japan, company policy still is -- as can be seen with Olympus among other scandals involving Japanese corporations.

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Fukushima is the biggest obstacle affecting business in Japan. Unless you like cesium and strontium and a range of cancer causing substances in your food, why would you want to do business with a country whose govt lies to its people and spreads the contamination? The Fukushima problem, like Chernobyl, has not been solved completely and will take a long long time .

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I'm sure it would be very convenient for Japan Inc if the world would be as incredibly stupid as mr. Noda assumes. Good luck with that, the world stand by you less and less.

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I think PM Noda needs to go to Fukushima and tell the people living there that life is back to normal. What an ass.

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Infrastructure and local economy in the affected areas have been restored, normal daily life has come back… and many factories have restored their supply chains.

LOL. That sounds like a snake oil salesman talk....

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Fukushima is not the obstacle, the DPJ government is the obstacle.

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Once the 'cleaning process' of radoiactive sustances in Fukushima area finished....there will be no obstacle doing business or travelling in Japan, that will be 2041!

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In one sense he's right. It is all the ridiculously high taxes and unnecessary rules and regulations that are an obstacle to doing business in Japan. And why companies are moving regional headquarters to places like HK and Singapore, and why foreign investment in Japan is lagging.

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How long has he been in power now? And just look at him - he can't meet our high standards yet. One of our esteemed experts should drop him a few hints at the next cocktail party.

Mr. Nods, good luck doing what you can to make the best from a bad situation.

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@smithinjapan Spot on there. One rule for the Japanese while other countries see things entirely different. Olympus is a good example. It's as if the Briton is in the wrong.

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