Noda tells of nights of hard drinking with Geithner, Cameron


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He must still be reeling from his party's heavy loss at the election and suffering from a massive hangover!

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He may go for Kenko Shindan, what else?

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"...nights of hard drinking with visiting dignitaries formed part of his diplomacy."

But were there any breakthroughs in drinking diplomacy? Or did everyone just get drunk and have a good time? I'd guess the latter.

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who cares, I have already forgotten you

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no wonder DPJ sucked at diplomacy....

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As odd as it sounds, and offensive to an AA member; I'd rather be the political leader drinking with Cameron in his residence than the ostracized leader playing the straight shooter alone in his apartment. Even if just a bonding night, it still creates a solid connection to another leader of state or minister.

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I wonder if his face went red and he fell asleep slumped in his chair with chin on his chest while the others were just getting started.

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I understand almost all leaders all over the world do that as part of diplomacy, but not to the point of drunkenness as the other posters insinuated. So my say, so what? As some would say, it's an evil that you can't do without.

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As a schoolmate of Mr. Geithner, I am not shocked. Grow up, everyone!!

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Kamotsuru! I always saw Geithner as more of a cocktails man. David Cameron definitely looks like he'd get a bit rowdy on the booze.

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Brilliant makes me like the man even more. He was put in an ugly situation by his party and inherited a government that was way out of its league. Wrong place,wrong time. Sounds like a top fellow.

Getting work done through drinking cannot be underestimated in this country it must be said.

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I had to google Noda's name. Japan has had so many prime ministers over the past decade, I'd completely forgotten who he was.

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He was one of the better guys to hold the office. Too bad he had the charisma of an oyster and his party was basically a bunch of squabbling kids. Apparently Japan needs a forceful leader more than a competent one.

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Apparently Japan needs a forceful leader more than a competent one.

When they have forceful leaders, the people follow them right over the cliff -- like lemmings. Let's hope they stick with boring, gutless ones, shall we?

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Drinking would definitely explain the economic policies of all 3 of them.

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This actually explains much of his prime ministership.

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Noda wouldve been more fun for Cameron to get smashed with than abe.I'd imagine abe to be a two-pot screamer, and then start moaning about his stomach...

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It would be strategically advantageous to secretly substitute water for sake in one's own cup.

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