Noda to reshuffle cabinet to gain LDP support for tax hike plan


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Just like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic...Japanese politicians twice yearly shuffle to attempt to regain voter approval.

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As usual in Japanese politics ... what a mess ...

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Noda is looking for simplest solution, may worsen Japan's debt situation further and untimately its credit rating.

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From a story on Friday:

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Friday said he had no intention of replacing two cabinet ministers who had censure motions submitted against them in the Diet last month.

If Noda does replace those two ministers (and he will) it will be even clearer what a useless liar he is.

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@ Scrote...

I remember reading that, too! Whatta' hyprocrite!

Next thing you know, he will be saying that the past year was all a mistake and Japan doesn't have to raise the consumption tax so he can save his hide and stay in power!

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The tax hike is seen as an essential part of efforts needed to curb Japan’s snowballing public debt.

Let's ask Ozawa to draw up a mandate on how to reduce the national debt.

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A sales tax will adversely affect domestic demand at a time when foreign demand is weakening. Consumption will fall, tax revenues will be a fraction of those the government is predicting in this flawed measure, and the red ink will flow unabated. It's fiscal suicide. A progressive increase in the income tax rate is the correct response. The wealthy will not stop buying cars or refrigerators because their income tax went up and it will be less harmful to low income people. Japanese politicians can't tell their posterior orifice from a hole in the ground regarding fiscal matters and simply parrot what the MoF tells them. The MoF has an unquenchable sales tax fetish that has proven to be a growth killer in the past and will do so again.

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The timing of the rise in sales tax was the key point separating the DPJ and LDP in the last election. It is the platform on which the DPJ was put into power.

Given that Noda cannot convince his party to break its promise to the public and take the same policy as the LDP, he is preparing to destroy his party, and take his factions with him to seek to join the LDP, and raise the sales tax without the administrative reforms that under the DPJ manifesto, remain a prerequesite of increasing the public tax burden.

Noda is taking the DPJ, and Japan to Hell...

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Now the scenario is becoming clear as the hidden establishment types start trying to circle the wagons.

The tax increase is necessary, but obviously is not an isolated measure. It needs to be part of an integrated approach based on a broad assessment of the big picture going forward.

The LDP is an organization that represents the propertied class, plain and simple. If the consumption tax is favored by the LDP over measures that would more directly tax the assets and income of the wealthy, that might explain the LDP's willingness to work with Noda on this issue. I can't see any reasonable basis for Noda's actions, however, considering the repercussions.

Noda is basically placing the DJP on the sacrificial alter, returning the baton to the LDP, as the DJP will not emerge from this intact.

Noda was billed as a worked-his-way-up kind of outsider citizen politician as opposed to scion of the privileged, but apparently, he has been bought off.

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Ppppoker face Pppppokerface ma ma ma ma ma !!!!!! Pokerface !!!!!

Sounds like ( ANOTHER P(m)OLITICIAN ) he's playing POKER again. I PREDICT 3 more months and we will get another prime minster again.

ANY BETS ? Put your chips down, let's play some Political Poker !!!!!

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Ozawa is getting ready for his turn

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make Ozawa a member of the cabinet! that would be a laugh!

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Warnerbro, I agree with you that raising consumption tax is fiscal suicide. Doing so has had detrimental effects time and time again. Mr Noda is following similar failed policies as Carter, Obama, and others. The Keynesian "tax and spend" paradigm fails without fail. Einstein's definition of insanity.

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I want Ozawa in

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He should not rise tax at all! Do you see any good in countries where tax is 20% or more? Do you see a prosperous country with a high tax? If so, let me know I see Spain has a high tax Canada has a high tax Well, etc etc I see Brunei HAS N O TAX!! I think there are better solutions to stop " crisis" Take off the power of global banks for starters ...

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As I know Japan had no consumption tax few year ago. IT WAS A MORE PROSPEROUS country IMO. What a brilliant idea from the guy who brought the tax nonsense

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Do you see any good in countries where tax is 20% or more? Do you see a prosperous country with a high tax? If so, let me know I see Spain has a high tax Canada has a high tax

Canada's a bad country?

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All he needs to do is raises taxes on the rich. After that everything will be fine. Tax the 10% of this nation that make a ridiculous salary and tax breaks for the poor. Do that and then you'll be a leader and not simply a corporate government puppet.

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