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Noda tries to avert intraparty revolt over tax hike

By Eric Talmadge

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New prime minister incoming, I guess.

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Noda says it is needed to fight Japan’s swelling national debt, but the political maneuvering has overshadowed economic debate on the bill.

What economic debate? Noda prevented talks about a lower tax hike (only 50% increase rather than 100%) because it would have involved reduced state spending.

Noda needs to start where he can do the most good, preventing increased spending. After he prevents increased spending, he can focus on lowering the debt by a balanced mixture of increased production, taxes, and slashing budgets. Without bringing all three to the table you can't consider it a debate.

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Get the tax hike vote done then dissolve parliament immediately following the vote.

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Yubaru JUN. 25, 2012 - 05:13PM JST

Get the tax hike vote done then dissolve parliament immediately following the vote.

Just what Hashimoto's Osaka Ishin no Kai are waiting for.... an election...

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Noda the clown is simple minded and has simple solution for the mess that TEPCO, the nuclear industry, the moronic whaling industry the LDP and the rest of the Japanese capitalist class in general made. Break the DPJ"s promise not raise the consumption tax and screw the people. The result will be the end of the DPJ and victory by default for the old corrupt LDP. If the DPJ passes the bill to raise it deserves to die.

What ought be understood from all of this is that the people of this country cannot trust mainstream politicians. If the bill is passed the people should organize a consumers' revolt. Cut all unnecessary consumption and buy cheap. Don't buy cars. Take public transportation. Buy used things. Conserve what you have. And put the follows of Noda out of the Diet.

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