Noda warns of eurozone crisis chain reaction


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Japan should focus on bringing down the very strong Yen down. BOJ & MOF must work courageously, supply much more Yen and intervening smartly like Swiss National Bank, intervene timely on Friday just before New York closing to be effective against speculators and inflict losses on them. Both macro & technical, timing of interventions can be improved.

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Sharp as a marble, isn't he.

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Such bold statements.

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You guess, Noda! Geez.... Wish I'd gone to the same elite university as you!

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My opinion is that the current financial system model will collapse soon. The reason USA, Europe and Japan can't grow up its economies is because it's easier to divide money than to create it. With the growth of the underdeveloped countries, the money is getting divided. USA, Europe and Japan are loosing money and Brazil, India, China and Russia are getting this money.

Japan needs to create mechanisms to protect from it, do something to be independent from the USA and European markets. Investiment on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is a good idea. These countries are causing big impact on the actual economy, and will have more participation in the close coming years. The markets will have to adapt themselves. Best to Japan if it begins it right now.

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stop buying euros, sell them and buy dollars

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Thanks for the heads up PM. Glad you're on my team.

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it's good to see some focus on "the real economy", but it is necessary that the financial system be completely revamped in a manner such that malfeasance in that sector facilitated through untoward collusion with corrupt(ed) politicians does not enable them to steal public resources.

you cannot equate the "real economy" with the "financial sector", as they are diametrically opposed at this stage.

the government has to implement sufficient regulations to insulate the "real economy" from the finance sector, and that goes for financial institutions investing in government bonds as well.

risk is incurred when investing in government bonds.

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And very well he might!

The longer the Eurocrats keep the zombie currency alive with ever more uncovered bank loans, the worse the eventual collapse will be.

To rephrase a frequent poster here: Bury the Euro! NOW!

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Noda warned -- debt crisis -- trigger a chain reaction throughout the world -- a chain reaction triggered by -- large impact -- prevent the financial system from collapsing -- financial sector collapse -- warned sharp financial flows sparked by the crisis -- considerable impact -- supporting global growth -- pull out their funds -- entire world economy that will suffer -- calling for stable exchange rates.

There seems to be no end to the fear-mongering. The politicians, banks and media will go to any lengths to get people to throw away their money and liberty for a false sense of security.

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YuriOtaniNov. 04, 2011 - 10:08AM JST

stop buying euros, sell them and buy dollars

Investing in the dollar ? Are you out of your mind ? The dollar is backed by 200 trillion of debt with no chance of recovery and a madman called Bernanke who prints like crazy in his Fed bunker.

Buy gold and silver and like Jim Rogers and Jim Sinclair, invest in the Euro once the Greek burden will be dropped.

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UlrickNov. 05, 2011 - 01:31AM JST. Investing in the dollar ? Are you out of your mind ? The dollar is backed by 200 trillion of debt with no chance of recovery and a madman called Bernanke who prints like crazy in his Fed bunker.

Doesn't matter. If you are in Japan, this might be a right time to buy U.S. dollar at 75-76 yen exchange rate. Hold on short terms. There is a good chance that dollar will have exchange rates will be in the low to mid 80 yen within a year. Then you made 7-12 percent profit.

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just wait till the china bubble economy bursts! it will make the eurozone debt crisis look like a tea ceremony where someone knocked over a cup on accident.

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