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Noda's website adds Chinese version


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Mr. Noda, please don't post about Nanjing.

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PM Noda is the best PM Japan has had in years and has proven to be a very sensible man unlike the scoundrel mayors of Tokyo and Osaka Ishihara and Kawamura. It is important that Japan maintain constructive dialog with China keep lines of communication open with the Chinese government and its people. This is a good move on the part of PM Noda. It lets the people of China know that they are important to Japan.

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with emotions running high over the 1937-1945 occupation by Japanese troops of vast swathes of China.

Being victimized by a country 1/30th of your size and 1/10th of your population is nothing short of embarrassing.

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I agree with Pitdown Man...to an extent. I think Noda is doing well, compared to the utter shambles his predecessors were. Still, I would prefer him to stay in office over Tanigaki and his gang of morons, and I'm glad he is making this pretty much meaningless, yet nice gesture.

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It might also be for the zainichi Chinese who live in Japan, that dont speak much Japanese

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I've been critical of some of Noda's decisions but this appreas to be a step in the right direction. Good move, Mr. Prime Minister.

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bout time. more websites need to have at least an official english version. In JP its like they often forget that other ethnicities live here.Also that to be more accessible you cant expect everyone else to change for you. If you want to be a part of international trade you gotta change yourself.

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Right on.

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