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N Korean leader Kim inspects new spy satellite photos of 'target regions'


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"Target Regions" these North Koreans have quite the sense of humor.

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Yesterday, I have the satellite would be working from December 1st. Who knows

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I have seen, ( forget one word above )

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Looks like Kim's finally discovered Google Maps.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

Let him enjoy his new toy while it lasts.

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World leaders are yet to do justice to their enormous potential in wiping out hunger, poverty, illnesses, and other natural and man-made disasters plaguing humanity and their companion species.

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The "Non-Standing Satellite Launch Preparation Committee." The problem is, they are standing!

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The Dear Leader is talking....and no one is taking notes. How strange.

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One word: cult.

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"Top diplomats...strongly condemned the launch for its destabilizing effect on the region".

That's laughable. The region's already 'destabilized'. Has been since the truce at the end of the Korean war.

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Maybe they're just trying to get free satellite TV for sports channels. Go Kim!

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So he wants to set the world into a nuclear wasteland, all because his complex of small T.M.I.

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...and then he cross-checked it against Google Maps, which has much higher resolution photography of the same places.

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Hmmm....no notebooks in this photo. How disrespectful - they must think he's talking BS.

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Many sneer at the North Koreans but they are still in existence.

Also, Kim Jong Un has ensured that North Korea won’t be invaded by any foreign power anytime soon.

Unlike the present zeitgeist in many western countries North Korea is not a society where frivolity is the norm-they live their past history in the present.

Russia and China both support North Korea.

Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons and the consequence was a war.

This won’t be the case for North Korea

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From the picture, it looks like Dear Leader just told a joke, and his supporters are slowly realizing they were supposed to laugh at it.

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I like how everyone in the picture is smiling because they're not going to be executed.

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I'm pretty sure most of his spying is on his own people, especially high-level officials like the ones in the photo. You can see the nervousness behind the smiles. I wouldn't want to be the one being gestured at.

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All the more reason for Japan to employ drones so it can keep a better eye on the neighborhood.

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fallaffelToday  07:33 am JST...........................From the picture, it looks like Dear Leader just told a joke, and his supporters are slowly realizing they were supposed to laugh at it.

Or maybe they just realised he is the joke. And if that thing or whatever it was he launched did not reach orbit, none of those in that picture would be with us today.

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He’s started putting on weight again and his started dressing in his old grandad style attire too. I’ve always found him very odd as I did with his father and that sister of his, well don’t get me started on her.

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