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N Korea criticizes potential sale of U.S. missiles to Japan, S Korea


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North Korea - ultimate hypocrites.

Criticise the US and Japan for "raising tension" - while themselves supplying fascist Russia with millions of shells and missiles

Ignore the rubbish.

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And S Korea warns N Korea to scrap spy satellite launch.

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This is like the color black calling a shadow dark.

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Ahh, that's cute. Rocket boy is jealous and upset he doesn't get rockets like the cool kids in the block.

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And developing nuclear weapons and repeatedly threatening violence against their neighbours doesn’t “raises tension in the region and brings a new arms race”,. Sadly King Fatboy is incapable of irony so it’s just standard NK hypocrisy.

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Japanese news reporting half of the 400 Tomahawk missiles are old ones. The U.S. conducts these warehouse clearance sales and Japan must participate. 在庫処分。

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Perhaps North Korea would like to sell a functional missile defense system to Japan ? Or maybe it should simply just stop trying to provoke some of its neighbors into seeking some form of reassurance from elsewhere that has a DEFENSIVE system rather than ATTACK system....

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NK is right, without my authority and consent, Kishida is buying old US missiles with debts for $2.35 billion.

no wonder why the inflation will continue....

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