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North Korea demands peace treaty with U.S.; Japan says too early for 6-way talks


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When will this c$%p ever end. Whatever North Koreas motives, they are looking to move forward. The past has gone and it's not coming back. This is now about still punishing North Korea because they don't like whose running the show,forget it, are all the others in the 6 party discussion whiter than white., I certainly don't think so.

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I wouldn't give N.K. the time of day with all the promises they've broken in the past. They come up with new demands for restarting the 6-way talks every time. Tell them to take a walk.

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Nuke them! Or Bin Ladden the leaders. They have refused all attempts at civility. Have to say enough is enough. Or stand back and watch children starve to death.

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a peace treaty could go a long way toward resolving a deadlock over Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

They just love using this as an excuse. Give us X and we'll stop trying to make nukes.

Change the words "peace treaty" to "food aid" or whatever else they want next.

I wish the U.S. would just get pally with China and then carpet-bomb NK flat.

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I certainly hope that N-Korea is collapsing someday, but in a rather peaceful way like east and west German in 1989. No need to wipe out a whole nation with carped bombs. Sure there are lot's of people in N-korea which do not agree with the current government, why do I know that? Because every country has citizens not agreeing with the current government or leader. - (lock at the US right now) In free country's you can express you opinion in un-free country's like N-Korea not, but that;s why we don't know as people can not express there opinion.

Sure if they open the borders S-Koreas economy would go down a little.

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Don't worry Cricky... happening a lot these days.

I thought we were going to get through an entire story on JT about DPRK without the abductees being mentioned. And then I got to the last paragraph.

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This is more like 6-man tag team match between the SK/US/JP vs. NK/CHN/RUS.

I'll believe that when Kim Jeong Il gets ousted with his family clan and his military regime is completely dismantled.

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NK is just playing their usual games. They need to start pretending to come to the table so they can receive food and fuel aid for the next winter. Once the rice and oil has been delivered they will resort to provocations to reinforce the change in leadership from Douchebag Jr. to his favored douchebag son. Remember, people in NK have zero information on how NK is heading to New York talking peace treaty. The military will claim that they forced the West into giving up food/fuel for fear of a NK nuclear attack. F*@k em.

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How do you demand a peace treaty?

Isn't there something wrong with that?

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Actually, this is just a prelude for the Norks to ask for more aid. And every time, the Norks break their promises. Tell the Norks that we'll have to sleep on it before we get back to them.... and let them starve a little bit more.

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The NKs are preposterous pompous preening buffoons. I really pity any diplomat who has to deal with them on a regular basis. Possibly the hardest part of the job (apart from thinking "must control fist of death") must be not laughing out loud when one of their outrageously big hatted, medal bedecked generals starts making nonsensical demands in that "Mars Attacks" voice they use.

rakk rak rakk rak rak..

There's a thought! start playing Slim Whitman yodeling music at the meetings and see if their heads explode.

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Last time I checked, we (the U.S.) weren't at war with N.K. Why would we need to sign a peace treaty? The Korean War was fought between N.K. and the United Nations, of which the U.S. was just one member. The Armistice called upon the governments of South Korea, North Korea, China and the United States to participate in continued peace talks, so why is N.K. now targeting JUST the U.S. in its call for a treaty?

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I say we let Hillary negotiate with the KCNA chick that spouts all the propaganda. That would be good viewing.

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The weather is FINE; but with an increase chance of thunderstorms. Oh' YES talking face to face is a start to a better future.

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I wish the U.S. would just get pally with China and then carpet-bomb NK flat.

What a nice thing to say. Peace is always a good thing. It is always profitable for other nations to see rival nations in disarray. It's simply this. A united Korea equals a physically larger country than Japan. There will always be friction but when you look at Korea what you see is body and mind seperated.

The Capitalistic South and the Militant North. The two of them coming together, signing an official end to the war and removiing all those dangerous land mines would be like the Berlin Wall coming down again.

In order for any wound to heal you have to remove the bacteria, clean the wound, then stitch it up, take it slow and easy, remove the stitches and viola, as good as new.

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Carpet-bomb NK? No, I think the only bombing needing doing is on the leaders of the country. The public are innocent victims.

Something like the Chinese.

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