North Korea has established team to negotiate with Japan: sources


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At least it's a hopeful report, instead of the usual negative news.

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This article from Kyodo is full of waffle!

“North Korea's negotiating team is believed to be playing a role in handling Pyongyang's response to Japan.”

Is this an opinion piece or news?

It is a fact that north Korean nuclear demilitarization is an ongoing process and not some “murky outlook”

Look to the 38th parallel website for info on that!

No sources are quoted so maybe this news is a complete fabrication of some overactive mind?

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Japan won't be making any concessions hopefully.

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Really promising news. I am am optimist on relations with NK, like Trump. The Trump and Kim-san Summit is now bearing fruit, with return of remains of Marines, and the PM Abe-Kim-san Summit will be just as successful.It is about “making deals” as Trump says. I am optimistic PM Abe and Kim san will have an excellent friendship, like Trump.

Once the Abductees issue is resolved, collaboaration and Japanese investment in the new NK will proceed.

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broken record Once the Abductees issue is resolved, collaboaration and Japanese investment in the new NK will proceed.

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I just hope everything will happen as planned since NK has bad history when it comes to negotiations with the Japanese government for the past decades.

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Will the teams speak in American? Lost in translation?

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If the North Koreans want an all smiles propaganda parade , pretending to be new best buddies where all is forgiven, they aren’t gunna get it from the Japanese. Not in this lifetime. On this issue conservatism would be prudent. Japan should stay staunch , but at the same time be open to progress if there is a tangeable benefit for both nations AND its people.

There should be strict conditions laid down in negotiations to make these murderous despots squirm if they want to even come close to being recognized and legitimized. You dont get to murder your own uncle, poison to death your own brother, kidnap foreign nationals, sell nuclear secrets to other despots, run gulags and rule over a nation of people in the most dehumanizing and brutal fashion without taking the backlash from the international community. No matter how childlike the leader may be, nor how much China has his back. If they want into the free world, they are gunna have to put their big boy pants on. You have to win respect first to even start negotiating, so before they start lecturing and demanding stuff they are gunna have to face these cold hard facts. Everything about how they have been raised is set up to make sure this doesn’t happen. Be amazed if they had the kahoonas to take a good hard look at themselves and pull it off. The start line is drawn.

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