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North Korea again rules out any meetings with Japan

By Hyunsu Yim

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So? North Korea also has no interest in feeding it's people either.


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NK doing just fine, economy growing rapidly, building strong network of global partners and they have ZERO national debt, while retaining their full independence.

NK to enter BRICS eventually, engage other countries using their respective currencies on a partnership basis with no risk of domestic interference risk. Smart plan.

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Is that a few grey hairs on the side of Kim's head. He's getting old now.

Japan offering talks with NK was just throwing it a bone. Clearly NK has no interest in rejoining the international community if it cant even be bothered to have talks with neighbors.

Just forget NK and cut it loose. You made the offer and it has been rebuffed so on to important things instead.

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NK doing just fine, economy growing rapidly, building strong network of global partners.

So funny. Expanding from one partner to two is not doing fine or building a "strong network of global partners." It has two bordering nations as its complete "global" network and it actual involvement and trade with anyone else is clandestine and minuscule.

NK remains a joke in international circles.

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Dialogue is the way forward. Humankind and Planet Earth are thirsting for peace.

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