North Korea slams Japan over its trade spat with Seoul


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I mean like so? Abe can't do anything with NK and Kim, it's just political BS.

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Japan doesn't retreat by the threat from the Korean Peninsula lawlessness union.

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"trying to destroy the trend of peace on the Korean Peninsula by putting pressure upon South Korea through the restrictions",

In other words, "make it harder for us to bypass the sanctions and get what we want."

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Of course the DPRK is pissed that they can't get certain things through SK now as easily as before.

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Moon taking a stroll as friends with that dictator, who'd rather build weapons of mass destruction than feeding a nation. Who also has chemical weapons, who knows what else and keeps some of the world's worse human rights violations. But constantly tries destroy good relationships with what could be his greatest ally. Says a lot about him.

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I agree with first half of oldman statement

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"The human, physical and emotional damage Japan has caused to the Korean people (during its colonial rule) cannot be compensated even if the entire nation of Japan sacrifices itself."

And this is exactly why there is no reasoning with these people. A baseless and irrational hatred of all things Japanese is indoctrinated throughout all levels of Korean society both North and South. Nothing will ever change that.

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The photo says it all, President Moon Jae-in would rather trust, rub shoulders, in affect to do business with a ruthless, cruel, murderous Pyongyang dictatorship, on occasion, giving a nod and wink to sanction breaking.

President Moon Jae-in appeasement is both reckless and cowardly.

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We all know North Korea is a total mess. And we know South Korea keeps acting immaturely. Whew. I want Korean peninsular peace and prosperity, but it looks dim.

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Should we care what the dictator of a nation with basically no human rights gulags and so on thinks..

.. very clearly trying to manipulate every situation to hold on to power..


South Korea, I like it, I like the people... and almost all the actual people I have met like or love Japan, however their government is going to see them side with the future war causing nations in the world, and right now even though they are allied with the US as is Japan they are getting closer to two nations with life long dictators.

I have said it a million times, do I wish Japan was a little more openly and easily seen to be sorry about the past sure.. but it has apologized and paid and apologized and paid.

Apologies don't mean much if the other side had no interest in forgiveness.

I don't wish, and I don't think that citizens in Japan, or anyone wants it but this and the ongoing nonsense is going to push and give credit to some politicians plans to remove pacifist clauses in the Japanese constitution... and unfortunately if South Korea continues in the direction its going and become closer to China and North Korea that is what is going to happen, they are playing precisely into the hands of tyrants and dictators.

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I am disappointed at Chairman Kim saying this. North Korea and Japan could be excellent partners in cooperation. Potentially much stronger than Japan and SK. The Japanese government could develop so much infrastructure, roads, airports and fast trains for NK. I just hope Chairman Kim comes to his senses and agrees to the Summit with PM Abe.

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The picture itself can say everything about what we think.

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S Korea can buy same materials from China without Japan. Why is it still bitching about that? Probably S Korea worries that low quality things from China make lemon/defection of great number of smartphones.

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Despite of South Korea success in her electronic area, the way how Koreans are acting just make me think that in reality South Korea would be nothing without Japan and her investment in Korea. Other countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam are in the same Korea's situation and yet they are not bitching about.

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kwattToday  09:41 am JST

S Korea can buy same materials from China without Japan. Why is it still bitching about that? Probably S Korea worries that low quality things from China make lemon/defection of great number of smartphones.

You answered your own question there, but had to ask it in the first place?

The real answer is that no, South Korea can't buy the same materials from China. Japan knows this better than anyone, and is why it was specifically used in removing South Korea from the whitelist for those materials.

If you eneter this conversation with the supposition that South Korea doesn't need to rely on Japan at all, then you will constantly think that nothing adds up.

Now here's Kim using the situation to stir up hatred against Japan when, what he really needs to do, is talk to Moon to do what it takes to get preferential treatment again. He's completely drunk on his own self-importance (impotence?)

And a side point.... why would South Korea even eneter into 'preferential treatment' terms with Japan knowingly giving Japan the upper hand as primary level (only?) supplier, who could reneg if certain conditions weren't met? They are greedy in that they saw the potential to exploit the situation by getting the preferential treatment by Japan, so they took it. Well, they exploited it and no here we are...

A clever ploy by Japan, no doubt.

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The Korean's sympathizers always complain that people are defending Japan too much. Actually, those who are taking Japan's side have a perfect knowledge that Japan is not perfect and there are a lot things to improve, but in this case they see clearly that Korea is just using it as political game since K government is full of mess and corruption.

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L'il Kimmy probably hasn't been able to upgrade his Nintendo equipment for a while, hence the outburst!

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is why it was specifically used in removing South Korea from the whitelist for those materials.

As I ever said before. Japan has warned S Korea for at least 3 years. Every year Japan and S Korea used to have an official meeting of trade in Tokyo as Japan exports a lot of very high tech materials and others. But S Korean officials did not come for trade meeting any more for years, even Japan called times. That's why Japan can't trust S Korea any more. It seems S Korea dug its own grave.

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South Korean's government is so stupid. Instead of improving her relationship with Japan, they prefer to trust a country that once killed South Korean people during the Korean War.

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I did think NK was being uncharacteristically quiet about it if the whole thing was to do with the security side rather than the historical narrative that people have been trying to push. They should have stayed quiet. Strangely those opposing Japan on this are very quiet today.

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That's certain to help things along...

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Claims Japan is "trying to destroy the trend of peace" 

Describes Japan as its "sworn enemy"

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That’s okay... if trump tells Abe to bow down to NK unconditionally and meet Kim, Abe will, as he’s expressed he will. Sadly, NK wins over Japan no matter what.

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Abe must talk to NK as soon as possible. NK is unavoidable issue for future generations, so this generation must take our share of responsibilities.

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Moon sadly is going down a path predictable from his election. In the long term it is the Korean people who will suffer from his stance, regardless of the little economic spat, there are larger forces and concerns at play here which will If let run lead to disaster on the peninsula.

Akie, the Japanese government has sought to talk with them but NK has ignored them. Damned hard to talk if one party won’t return the call!

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Has anyone ever listened to NK ever?

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The writings on the wall.

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S. Korea and North do agree on one thing, their hate towards Japan.

Moon made it clear before becoming president he has intentions of going back on agreements signed with Japan to handle historical issues. He can get a better deal was his promise.

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