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N Korea slams U.N. chief over call for nuclear disarming


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North Korea being...well, North Korea again.

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Agreed (OssanAmerica). Not completely surprising given their past record. I think it's gradually becoming clear verifiable and irreversible denuclearization is not (or probably never was) on the NK agenda. The regime needs the US boogeyman to survive. It's their cornerstone. I think NK agreed to negotiations with the US just to appease and more importantly get the Chinese to reduce sanctions which they have successfully done. No chance of sanctions working now (with the trade war) so now NK can carry on doing what NK do. The big question is ... How will Trump react when he finally realizes (if he ever does) he's been played?

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Well, the World and the Peaceniks wanted a "peace summit meeting" between North Korea and US. Trump, being Trump, gave them what they wanted just to placate them. I don't believe Trump was played; he knew North Korea would not live up to its end of the deal and the current events are proving him right.

Now that North Korea has secured humanitarian and economic aid promises and sanctions are reduced, North Korea is predictably reneging on their "denuclearization" promises. Then missile tests and nuclear threats will resume after Trump is replaced in 2020. At the same time, a new international crisis will rear its ugly head in the South China Seas and Taiwan. It will be interesting how the new Democrat POTUS will react.

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For once I think North Korea have a point. Technically they are still at war and until a peace treaty is signed how can anyone expect them to disarm? I have never heard of any army or nation disarming before signing a peace deal. Get the peace deal done and include in the terms of the peace all the points you want. Give up their nukes and enrichment plants and anything associated with nuclear arms. They wont give up guns or planes or ships or even missiles, and nobody should expect it as the number of nations that maintain all of those devices is a long list indeed. But all weapons of mass destruction are to be given up and not manufactured again.

Keep sanctions in place until the WMD are surrendered. Making peace is a smart first move for everyone.

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Trump made a fool of himself. Nothing new there, but by conducting this meeting he damaged the sanctions and empowered Kim... the common Nort Koreans continue living in poverty...

Thanks Trump...

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The biggest irony in this whole fiasco is that when it comes to North Korea and Japan, at least North Korea never changed its negative tune towards Japan. Whereas, when it came to North Korea and the U.S., NK says and promises one thing, yet behind their backs they do something completely different like continue to develop a nuclear arsenal.

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Until now, North Corea have shown good will and progress.

But Kim is not the only one in power. He is the figure head, many people could take is place if the military around him started to be scared by america. So diplomacy is about patience and going slow.

Japan is not wise in diplomacy, we know where it came from. But, America really need to be human right slow on this, and be influence by Abe warlike attitude. Bringing japan too soon in the corea deal will only break it.



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Nadege, it is spelled, North Korea, not North Corea (that silly movement about how Korea was spelled with a "K" just so that Japan ("J") would come before it is pure nonsense). Anyways, the only one with a war like attitude is North Korea. Last time I checked, it was North Korea that lobbed multiple missiles towards Japan. When was the last time Japan lobbed missiles towards North Korea?

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. I don't believe Trump was played; he knew North Korea would not live up to its end of the deal and the current events are proving him right.

He was played like a cheap fiddle

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