Nuclear power, TPP will be focus of election: Maehara


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Great ,here comes LDP and return to the waste of our tax money on their old corrupt ways and crony white elephant public works projects. ( on second thought that never really went away under DPJ anyway) Enjoy the continuing slide downwards Japan.

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Sadly neither the LDP or DJP being in power will make a difference, nor will the other fringe options popping up either.

If anything this election will further split apart the government and cause continued problems for the country as a whole.

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All in all consider this a good timing to hold an election, when the key discussion points on policies relating to economy/fiscal (stimulus vs adjustment, TPP, key industry sectors), energy, diplomacy/security, education, healthcare/pension/welfare are clearer and pressing as ever. Also good in a sense that this timing leaves the emerging "third force" pretty much unprepared (which was clearly part of Noda/Maehara's plans) giving them little time to engage in political tactics driven towards strengthening mutual collaboration for the sole objective of creating a bigger force to go against the ruling party (which is what has unfortunately led to the eventual creation the big but not truly unified DPJ as it stands today) and force them to focus more on clarifying their policies and vision which they truly believe in which is what they should be doing. Looking forward to seeing Abe Noda Ozawa Ishihara Hashimoto Watanabe all sit down at the table to explain and debate where Japan should be heading on all of the aforementioned items.

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Incredible that Abe, one of the least effective Prime Ministers in recent history, looks at this stage to be the clear front runner.

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It amazes me how quickly the publis has forgotten which party got Japan into the mess it is in. 60 years to screw up, take the money and run and the public is thinking of heading back to that? Critical thinking and all that jazz clearly an issue here.

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The public doesn't know enough about the TPP to have an opinion. The details of the negotiations are secret by agreement of the participants. If the election is going to be about the TPP, the politicians should allow the voters to review the pact before the election.

That said, the Japanese government estimates that the overall economic gain for Japan is equal to about a 0.05% increase in GDP per year over a 10 year period. In essence, the benefits of joining all accrue to the same old special interests, including the US, while the average Japanese family will still face higher taxes and falling incomes.

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If you vote LDP you are voting for an increase in nuclear power. However, most people will vote for the son of the previous scoundrel they elected. If you have been convicted of fraud, e.g. Muneo Suzuki, that will also get you re-elected. Policies, if there are any to speak of, play very little role.

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“It’s also a question of whether you want to spend money on public works or whether you want the Democrats’ policies that emphasize spending on healthcare, child care, science and economic growth,” Maehara added. He also said that Noda intends to make Japan’s membership in the TPP part of his party’s election platform.

all lies. DPJ has met NONE of its election commitments. LDP will be return to even worse.

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Did anyone see Abe debating with Noda yesterday? What an absolute slimeball. Nothing Abe says is in the interests of the country - it's all self-serving garbage aimed at tripping Noda up, and getting the LDP back in power again. How people can support the LDP with Abe in charge is beyond me.

I've said it before, but the country needs continuity under one PM and one party for a sustained period if they are going to achieve anything long-term. This short-sighted chopping and changing helps nobody.

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Seems they spend most of their time trying to fire the other side rather than actually thinking of Japan`s future

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Having the LDP return to power is scary. In the past they blew most of the money in Social Security savings on their lavish wasteful projects and even made a dent in the pension fund before losing to Minshuto. Now pensioners are facing a 2.5% cut in their pensions over the next couple of years. Just hope everybody concerned forces the LDP to keep their greedy mitts off what's left of our Social Security and pension funds.

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Can we make a list of everything the LDP did? So they lost the pension numbers, spent all the pension money on bridges to nowhere, "culture centers" in the middle of no where, built nuclear plants all over the damn place and on fault lines, Koizumi's rules about haken has meant that contract workers have increased by 10 fold since the rule went into place, didn't do anything about the population ticking time bomb... Keep it going folks!

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As Michael Moore said about the 2004 election - the choice is between the guy who says he is going to screw you, or the guy who lies to you and screws you.

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TPP will certainly be a topic of discussion, but nuclear power is just a bluff that everyone is hiding behind. If you can vote, vote pro-TPP and ignore any talks of nuclear power since that is purely an economic issue they will never touch.

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