Obama administration suspends TPP vote effort


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Abe better pucker up when he meets the D.

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"U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration has suspended its efforts to win congressional approval for his Asian free-trade deal before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, saying on Friday that TPP’s fate was up to Trump and Republican lawmakers".

Thank God, TPP is pure poison !

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Obama administration suspends TPP vote effort

Don't tell Little Boy Blue from Yamaguchi.

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This is your chance Japan,change article 9 of the constitution. Remember the Plaza Accord, Privatization of Japan Post and TPP......

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Obama was after TPP for his corporate buddies supported by the Republicans. Now of course that is their problem. This is just Atarimae as Japanese would say ...

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@udon: please read articlez9 if you want to mention.

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The US should be replaced by China. Japan needs to get on good terms with China and join its sphere of influence before it is ruined by the Trumpian US.

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The entire purpose of this is to check the ever growing Chinese influence in global trade, if America is out, then there's nothing could break the status quo. Japan should expedite the talk of the free trade zone with China and Korea.

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Since the TPP is dead there is no need for Japan to extend copyright terms as demanded by US corporations.

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The TPP needs to be shredded and burned. It is teh worst thing for the USA economy and jobs. The USA is 1st and needs to get away from trade pacts that really hurt the people. I don't like Trump he is unpredictable. But the killing of TPP is his greatest accomplishment so far. Lets see if he can out-do that by killing off the Republican party once and for all also. The HRC clan has to also go away as they brought NAFTA and Cafta and other American economy killing trade deals. This is the sign that maybe we will take back some power for the people from the Banksters, Corporatists, Defense oligarchs get wall street out writing laws for greed and world economic collapse to rigg for more profits and bailouts of peoples tax dollars. this is a world problem and in Japan its even worse as the people have no say as only corporate owned politicians and corruption is so blatant. The world needs to be awake and return it to the people.

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I stil see a tiny possibility that Trump accepts TPP, maybe conditionally. I mean Look at what happened to Obamacare. Trump compromised.

Prime Minister Abe will see Trump Tursday, we will see what will happen. I see the chance that Abe might become Hero...

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Phony story, Obama never would have sought a vote on any program. He can't get a Happy Birthday from congress let alone a vote on more destruction of US business. If he cannot do it with an extra legal executive order, why try?

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I'm not too upset over this. At first I thought TPP was a good idea, but the more I learned about it the more worried I became. I think it could be a disaster for small businesses in Japan and discourage innovation except for massive multinationals. So if it ends up dying it might be better in the long-term.

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I'm very impressed as the brainwashing of GHQ and War Guilty information Program has worked so well for over 70 years in Japan. The Germans took to the streets to protest against TTIP & CETA and I dont believe that the Japanese people became so passive for something would ruin their Country.

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Hear that, globalists? The nails in your coffin! We want a world of nationalism, not a giant America with a "made in China" stamp on it.

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