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Obama congratulates Noda, looks forward to working with him


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According to reports hot off the press, Obama will present a brand new Nintendo 3DS to Noda in honor of this annual occasion ....

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It seems like Mr Obama is in a great hurry to Minnesota rather than excited!

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"Copy-paste-send" to J. PM every year just like a Christmas ecard.

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Good on President Obama, he knows what it's like to come into office with a catastrophe on his hands i.e. the housing and financial crisis happening in the US. I still don't get Bush's goal of making the US into a service industry country, it has 10% Manufacturing and 90% service with everything being made in China or what have you. The import/export bank before President Obama gave each individual or Co. Millions to have products made in China if you had a buyer in the US. President Obama cut that crappy policy right out.

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The outgoing finance minister takes the place of Naoto Kan, who resigned after just 15 months in office with rock-bottom poll ratings, perpetuating the country’s chronic revolving-door leadership at a time of national crisis.

As usual, France's press corp is given to hyperbole. "Rock-bottom poll ratings" would be 0%. Kan never got that low.

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"please pay for our bases and annoy China" Obama said

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What do you expect??? Obama couldn't bloody well say, "Another one?" You anymore competent than the other two?"

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CrazyJoe yeah obama took time out from bailing out his uncle from a drink driving charge to say high to Noda as he breifly whisks by haha.

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Noda somehow reminds me of ダチョウ倶楽部の上島竜平. Now that Obama congratulated Noda, I wonder what will happen to his uncle Onyango Obama who was arrested yesterday for drunk driving in Framington, Mass. His uncle is an illegal immigrant.

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It was probably just a message he recorded after Fukuda resigned so he doesn't actually have to bother calling to congratulate the next pushing through the revolving door.

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The White House has a special form letter for congratulating Japanese prime ministers; just print it out and pencil in the name, and you've saved yourself twenty minutes.

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So this is the 3rd Japanese PM Obama congratulated during his still on going tenure as PotUS ...

I wonder if he is getting tired of doing this.

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I don't think Mr. OoBama can see him right away due to the economic woes He has so gallently foisted upon the average American family but perhaps he'll fit the P.M. in between vacations!

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It must get to a point where the White House thinks: Should we bother with the introductions?

Japan has GOT to sort out its messed up political culture.

No-one trusts them anymore surely....

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Better extend that invitation to Washington quickly while he's still the PM.

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