Obama criticizes Trump's comments on Japan, S Korea acquiring nuclear weapons


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Moot really since half of the equation (SK will eventually inherit NK's stockpile) already has them, and the other half in all probability has advanced (but secretive) plans to eventually speedily acquire them when they realise they've gotten all they can out of the American guarantee and the only option remaining is to go it alone.

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Drump at it again....The last person that America and the rest of the World needs at the oval table...Dump the Trump rather see the Hoff run for president.Hey in America anything is possible it might actually happen..

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The saddest part is that by responding to Trump's comments legitimatizes his position.

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Obama just wants to keep the Security Treaty going. Trump is right Japan and South Korea should have their own Nuclear Weapons

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It is quite amazing that Trump has never heard of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, of which Japan is a signatory. And he wants to be president? And Americans want him to be president? Start prepping now, or your peace will be forever be withheld.

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A billionaire circus clown in action. Wants to be president, change the world. Unfortunately he is a very unpleasant kind of clown. It boggles the mind this character still has supporters.

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If you can't see what he's doing here, it's screwing with Lil' Kim. You have N Korea doing WHATEVER it wants to, with no consequences...so Trump is just giving Lil' Kim something to think about.

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Imagine a President Trump making a deal .....leading to peace in Korea???

It's not like it's not needed is it?

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kurisupisuAPR. 02, 2016 - 07:07PM JST Imagine a President Trump making a deal .....leading to peace in Korea???

Because it's not like countless leaders haven't already made deals with DPRK that its leaders broke the moment it was convenient.

But no, I'm sure Trump will be different. Because you see he tells us that he's tougher than everyone else. Not just anyone could do that.

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It is unfortunate that circumstances dictate that Pres. Obama must comment on the GOP primaries, but the incompetence of their candidates is already sending shock waves through the world. One thinks that we would have learned our lesson about incompetent Republicans during the Bush/Cheney years.

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This is akin to an argument for airline safety in which every passenger is given a grenade.

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Barack Hussein Obama talking about foreign police and understanding the world. Qualifies him to be a stand up comic.

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Of course Japan should be able to do whatever it takes to defend itself from the murderous regimes in China and North Korea. Not that Trump or Obama has any godly clue what that could possibly be. We have our own problems here in America with morons winning election after election. If I were Japanese I would not count on Obama or Clinton to do anything right.

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It boggles the mind this character still has supporters

not at all. Considering the anger that people have toward the elite, I'm not surprised at all. Psychologists would call it displaced anger. anger which leads to insanity and the support of a dangerous man.

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Obama criticizes Trump for his announcements about Japan and Korea,but he doesnt tell us,why then he welcomed Japan new security laws?!He dont tell us why his administration not interested to play same roles anymore?What is illogic about Trump announcement Mr.Obama?Trump is more clearer,straight,practical and pragmatic than Obama,thats it.He speaks his mind clearly and straight,others dont dare!Almost all analysts are confused about Obama foreign policy and strategy.No wonder Abe worked hard to put security laws into action.I wanna ask Mr.Obama what did you do against China aggressive policy and illegal expansion,stretching military muscles against all neighboring countries?!Mr.Obama,are you sure its Trump who should be criticized?!

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What is illogic about Trump announcement Mr.Obama?Trump is more clearer,straight,practical and pragmatic than Obama,thats it.He speaks his mind clearly and straight,others dont dare!

Then it should be clear to you that if Trump were president, you'd be in serious trouble, Mr. Ghoneim Mohamed ;)

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I myself dont bother visiting states,i visited once in 2013.It was political visit to Washington D.C for three days,but anyway Trump means more restrictions for national security reasons,not anything else,understandable and fair,who against,thats what i told Japanese newspaper when they interviewed me,and gave same comment as yours. I wanna you tell me whats against Trump announcements?!

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Problem has been and still is double standard and rhetoric by Obama. He preaches world peace and limitation on nuclear arms reducing USA capability, prevent S. Kora and Japan while allowing Iran and N. Korea. So whatever he says does not mean much. It nis his "inaction" that tells the whole story.

The thing is... that has been with just the opposite with Russia and China. They "deny" all and say nice things but their "action" tells the whole story.

So trump at least make sense when we view the world environment as it is today. There is true and imminent threat and danger in Asia against which Japan and S. Korea's options are limited. That may in fact require nuclear arms. Idealism and nice rhetoric do not prevent nor win wars.The effort to build up the military by most Asian nations indicate such a need.

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