Obama hails expanded U.S. engagement in Asia


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Nice touch with the macha ice cream reference.

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Whoever posted this took the AP article inserting his own opinions and skewed (most likely asian) opinions eh...

Scary almost, but yeah... add whatever makes you guys feel better or superior I guess lol...

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Aside from the banter at the begining, I thought he spent most of the thirty minutes speaking directly to China and N.K.

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of all the bullshit even after 100senators sent him a message he still didnt preassure japan about signing the hauge convention

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the president’s address to 1,500 guests at Suntory Hall was intended to showcase a United States that, under Obama’s leadership, seeks deeper engagement in Asia.

The deeper engagement, or actually artificial interference, of America in Asia will be bad to the latter. It is like a bull in a china shop.

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***Obama's talk is cheap...

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Obama's talk is cheap...

Any leaders words become less valuable when people at home actively work to undermine him.

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