Obama inspired by resilient Japan


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Nice words spoken.

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oh god, someone said something positive about Japan ? :)

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I agree with Obama on this.

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Lovely words. I too, feel that the everyday folk in Japan affected by the tragic disaster have given the world a lesson in being resilient, stoic and strong in the face of adversity. The Japanese Government however.....

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Look how positive articles about Japan get so few comments..

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Ditto zichi! Praise the Japanese people! Yes!

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Hardly any 'resilence' but a group of people who were 'deaf,blind,mute' under the manupilations of a useless government like Mr Kan! This castastropic incident was definately the result of a careless breaucracy who deceieved a populations get used to be 'decieved' and then moves one ...keep deceieving!

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