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Obama invites China's Xi, Japan's Abe for state visits


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Well, it's the results that matter, typically state visits coincide with some economic or military agreement of some sort, and with Obama being a lame duck with the congress being all Republican I wonder what he can offer.

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Hopefully at the same time for comic effect. Also, I hope China isn't given full state honors considering that it is ... not a friend.

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Maybe they can play some hoops and do karaoke together to ease tensions. Otherwise I think it will be very tense.

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He's trying to pull them over to America's side to further isolate Russia and kill any notions of a BRICS Bank.

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Here's a better suggestion, make the visit a joint one and let's see Obama try and play statesman and get these two to men to hammer out an agreement with regards to the Senkaku Islands.

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I agree. He wont ask putin to visit

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“In furtherance of our relationships throughout this vital region, I’m pleased to announce today that we have invited Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe of Japan and President Xi Jinping of China for state visits,” said National Security Adviser Susan Rice. - article


Let the regions of the World join in Respect and Peace!

Honor President Xi Jinping of China! Honor Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan!

OUR Hearts and Minds rest with these generous and wise intellects! It is time for understanding and cooperation to help all the peoples of the World! Thanks be to President Obama! Thanks be to President Xi Jinping of China! Thanks be to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan!

Our unified strength brings Peace and working together makes us strong. Gods Bless These Unions and Our Hopes for Peace on Earth! A Better World In Peace!

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Yup, this is a way for Washington to flex some political muscle @ russia. I dnt care too much 4 obama, the man is smart.

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What is "prestigious" about politicans talking to each other?

Its high time East Asia is befriending their neighbors.

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He should add the Dalai Lama as a surprise guest to that! Now that would be interesting!

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The great mediator Obama! I hope he is successful in getting these two children to play nicely without having to smack their heads together.

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"and President Park Chung-hee of South Korea would visit the United States this year as well."

I think him and Abe would actually get on remarkable well, if not for the minor handicap that hes been dead these past 35 years.

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Yubaru, Obama's not a lame duck at all - far from it.

Democrats can block legislation in the Senate, and Obama can veto. Republicans need to understand they need to compromise to pass legislation.

They've proven again and again that they can't, which is one of the many, many reasons why they're going to lose again in 2016. :-)

A Juvenile GOO www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2015/02/06/a_juvenile_gop_125511.html

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Behave now and don't embarrass the host.

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I don't know why, but seeing the photo of the two above I was reminded of Star Trek.

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Agree with 'bvitt' on primary reason for this invitation, but conversely, this is the last place the Obama can really screw up the US's relations with before he leaves Office since he's already severely damaged US relations with every other region. It will be up the the Republican Congress to ensure that the purposes and outcomes of these visits are positive for everyone.

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I would suggest any worthy world leader stay home until we have a real President, Obama is a joke and an insult to the office and to the country, he has shown arrogance and partisan disrespect to all of the other branches of the national Government, fought the States on just bout every issue and tried to force his ultra liberal agenda thru with illegal executive orders that will be immediately repealed and held invalid once he is sent out of office. It is a sad state for a fine democracy to be in but no country is exempt from having occasional frauds as leaders. Nothing our current executive does will have respect and his invitation is not worth considering.

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“The United States has been and will remain a Pacific power."

This could mean there won't be any shooting wars among Japan, China and the Koreas for a while longer. Yea.

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I was thinking sumthin' like that too . . . jus couldn't get it right. Hilarious! Just laffed m.a.off @ ur comment! Thanks.

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Big brother trying to smooth out Asian relationships for economic reasons. What else is there? If China goes down economically, so does global economy esp. the US (imagine the # of huge corporations invested in China). Japan is standing on precipice. Obama's pill maybe easier to swallow for Japan than forced enema by Republicans.

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