Obama to host Noda at White House on April 30


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I hope Noda doesn't use the famed "Trust Me" line again.

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NK will be the item of least concern on their agenda, I'm sure.

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"tough new sanctions aimed at Iran"

Obama should make the U.S. exempt from the tough new sanctions to bring down oil and gas prices which would help his re-election bid.

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I am VERY surprised to see that with this article it appears to be allowed to speak of Japanese state supported, state sponsored systemic abduction of children. Numerous previous posts on this topic have been disallowed or removed. Congratulations! 2 1/2 million children of divorce have been permanently disallowed from maintaining their relationship with their parent by Japanese anti-family court and the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an active partner in the international cases, of which there are approximately 4000 American children (which is where I am writing from) who have been permanently removed and denied their parent by the Japanese anti-family court. The numbers of international abductions and Japanese abductions (disguised as "custody determinations" in Japanese court) are STAGGERING. Among the many questions before us now is, Will Barack Obama betray another generation of children by mumbling private congratulations to Noda for promising to sign the Hauge Convention and FAIL to CONFRONT the government of Japan with the ongoing abduction, hence flagrant abuse, of children? I think I can guess the answer.

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May as well be a soubetsukai as far as Noda is concerned.

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President Obama, please speak on behalf of our lost children. Japan is a haven for child abduction from which we American parents and children have our hands tied. We are at the mercy of barbaric Japanese laws. These laws, or the lack thereof, allow the disappearance of one parent entirely from innocent children. This is child abuse, pure and simple.

In my case, I have not seen my children, Austen and Kelcey, since they were 5 years old; that was 8 1/2 years ago! Since I separated from my estranged husband in 2003, he has not allowed me to see my children.

Our voices seem to fall on deaf ears. Mr. President, please be our voice - our CHILDREN'S VOICE on April 30th. I beg you...for my children's sake (and the sake of thousands of other American children lost in Japan).

May God bless you and your family.


Meghan K. Fahlstrom-Ogawa

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Strange that the biggest problem and most dangerous situation present today facing Japan and the Western Pacific region, the damaged NNPs, was not mentioned as a topic of discussions between Obama and Noda...Seems like there would be much to discuss on this topic of great concern. Instead of concentrating on NK and Iran the US and Japan would better serve the citizens of both countries by figuring out how to best compensate and care for the displaced people and figuring out how to best deploy resources into making these damaged plants more secure and dealing with the waste water storage situation...These are far greater threats than NK little failed missel launch or Irans Ambitions.

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