Obama upbeat on prospects for TPP deal


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The only reason I hope a Republican is elected as president of the US is to squash the TTP. It will destroy the world economy and sovereignty of countries. The world will become ruled by corporations. Americans, do it!

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What makes you think the Republicans don't want the TPP?

As far as I know it is one of the few things that Obama and the Republicans agree on with most of the opposition to it coming from inside the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders is the strongest voice against the TPP deal and the only real choice if you want an America that isn't controlled by the corporate elite.

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This corporate president of the extreme middle might be upbeat, but people who care about workers and the environment and don't just provide lip-service are very concerned.

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If Americans dont want the TPP>>> vote for big Bernie!

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@Manny Thank you for the correction. I will spread the word. I am Japanese and cannot vote in US elections, but I will tell all my US friends to vote for Bernie.

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At least Bernie honestly admits to being a liberal, rather than pretending to be a "moderate", like most Dem candidates. Let's have an honest and open election with the liberal Democrat saying that (s)he is a liberal and the conservative Republican saying that (s)he is a conservative.

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“I’m confident that we can get it done, and I believe we can get it done this year,” Obama told the Business Roundtable.

When he says "We" he means his Zionist bosses and everybody in the US bought by them

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TPP could be a good thing if it weren't what it is. There are ways to coordinate international trade that don't skrew workers.

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Obama upbeat on prospects for TPP deal

I'm upbeat too. Cause I think it aint gonna happen

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