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Obama urges dialogue in China-Japan maritime row


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doubt if they are on speaking terms, if so will Obama mediate bewteen Japan-China, Japan-Korea?

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The powers behind colonization and exploitation of other countries during the 1800s are to be blamed about every aspect of Japan's propulsion into colonialism, expansionism and imperialism. Ask yourself, why did the US and european powers had interests i modernizing Japan while at the same time subjugating China and imposing such onerous conditions? After end of WWI and WWII, why did not the victors return to China those territories that belong to China? What it looks obvious to me is that knowing that in the old days Chinese way the leaders in a lot of things, it would not be in their interests to see a country with such a large population to get ahead. Obama should be briefed in an objective way by somebody about the true nature of the problem, which in fact was created by the US to punish China for becoming communist. He sould read Martin Lohmeyer's essay about the Senkaku.

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No mention of disputes between Vietnam, the Philippines, and China? What, China now has free-hand? This is absurd.

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@avigator If I were a person trying to write my master's thesis on the Senkakus I'll be taking a pro-Chinese stance too.

As can be easily seen from the guy's thesis, the weakness of China's case is clear. Japan's case is simple. We checked it. No one was there, so we claimed it under contemporary international law, as per the rules written by "you guys". Fini. A thesis from the pro-Japanese perspective will take 5 pages.

Because China can't win that way, anyone trying to argue the Chinese case has to assemble thousands of little scraps of ancient documentation which may or may not be beneficial based on one's interpretation. It is basically a saturation attack that does not allow for detailed debate about each point, simply because there are so many of them. It makes for a much more interesting thesis, but actually says a lot about the relative weakness of the case.

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Only one obstacle: Japan doesn't want to talk.

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I don't think Japan should bother talking. Neither should the Phillipines or Viet Nam or India. Why should any country allow a land grab by China?

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tian4670Jun. 10, 2013 - 08:33PM JST Only one obstacle: Japan doesn't want to talk.

If I wanted to take part of your back yard would you talk to me? The only message Obama sent to Xi was don't even think about taking the Senkakus by force. Pull back your shops and planes and de-escalate the issue. China is an aggressor in all the disputes with it's Asian neighbors.

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