Obuchi has tough job to convince public on nuclear restarts

By Katie Forster

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Obuchi is not crazy about nuclear energy plant. Abe Govt is working behind of Obuchi to let people criticize Obuchi.

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Um, excuse me but fathers are worried about their children too. Let's stop making it all about the women and mothers and start making it about what is best for the future of Japan and the children of today who will be leading it.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may have hoped that a 40-year-old mother-of-two with impeccable political pedigree might prove the acceptable face of nuclear power when he appointed her industry minister.


Meaning Abe Govt is using her to get unsuspected women votes. Pretty soon election.

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If she is not hollering entomb all of Daichii then she does not know what is going on there.... And to go there herself with a risk of contamination so high at Daichii. I can only shake my head... The speech she gave to the workers in the previous article just screamed inexperience in the Nuclear Field with no thought to being otherwise... Waste of Time and Money is all I can say about her appointments..

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The story should be about what's good for the children of the future not what's good for the children of the past?

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impeccable political pedigree

??? Just because she is the daughter of Mr. "Cold Pizza" doesn't mean she has an "impeccable political pedigree". I suppose by the same logic, W. was "impeccable" too.

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Everything is a-okay. Nothing to worry about.

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Well, the public does have a few beliefs and questions that will need to be explored... Let's wait a bit before dealing with "many plants are getting old and have maintenance problems" and "they are vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis" and just get to "how to dispose of spent nuclear fuel." That one will keep us entertained enough, I think.

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Somebody does not know Japan's custom. There is no impeccable political pedigree to daughters in JAPAN.

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impeccable political pedigree what is that? Only those offspring born of past leaders can do the job? This is not a medieval society?

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Japanese politics and politicians are very much based on families and their political pedigree and political fractions. We only need to look at the history of Abe to see that and also previously, Aso?

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impeccable political pedigree

This makes her sound like some breed of dog. Whilst it is possible to breed dogs with certain attributes it is not possible to breed politicians with an ability to govern. That people vote for Obuchi and many others solely on the basis that they are the sons or daughters of politicians shows a staggering degree of immaturity among Japanese voters.

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“We will restart (nuclear plants) by making safety our priority”.

It clearly hasn't been a priority up to now, and give that they are yet again putting the economy before safety, I doubt the woman's earnestness in this.

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40-year-old mother-of-two ... minister in Jp??? lol with impeccable political pedigree... lol ))))) Definitely she's somebodys daughter or granddaughter ))))

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I hope she will speak about reality .

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toshikoSep. 09, 2014 - 09:56AM JST

Somebody does not know Japan's custom.

Obviously it's you ))))

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I hope she will speak about reality.being as women she will feel love for people

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@NanraayashimunitarinaiSEP. 09, 2014 - 04:11PM JST toshikoSep. 09, 2014 - 09:56AM JST Somebody does not know Japan's custom. Obviously it's you ))))


If you know Japanese custom more than native Japanese, write how many daughters of Japanese PM became PM. Begin from Abe's lineage. Abe's mother is Kishi's daughter. How many Japan's PM are daughters of PM. Easy because half of Japan;s PM are from Yamaguchi-ken. Just write names.

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The central government must offer a full explanation to these sentiments.”

Then do so, Obuchi.

After Fukushima, what kind of 'full explanation' would erase people's concerns about nuclear power in Japan? It's a cliché. The full explanation will never happen. Obuchi is playing the usual game of endless deferring, of pretending to seek understanding for the same old BS policies.

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Will she live right next to one, to help convince people that there is no problem?

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Obuchi expedited sign of LNG purchase from Alaska which is close to Japan after she became the Minister. Japanese Govt announced to close aged nuclear plants. What she will do now, we have to wait.

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