Okinawa-Hawaiian activist to hold rally at White House over U.S. base


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Bravo Robert Kajiwara!

Tell da-kine Prexy Trump to stop making the Ryukyus the Crimea of Asia.

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USA immigration - check his visa if it doesn't truth fully say what he is doing throw him in detention just like Japan does to any foreigner

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is he also petitioning the navy and the marine corps to leave Hawaii?

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Good on him. Any such relocation in Okinawa would no doubt be an environmental disaster. Shifting unwanted based from one place to another around the same tropical islands is ridiculous. Keep the signatures coming! They're up to 171,000 now.


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Is the objection really about the site of the new location, or would any and all other locations be objected to as well?

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macvToday  01:49 pm JST

“USA immigration - check his visa if it doesn't truth fully say what he is doing throw him in detention just like Japan does to any foreigner”

I’ve read that he is from Hawaii, so perhaps he has US citizenship and doesn’t need a visa?

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He's a courageous whistle blower. Kudos to him.

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Maybe Kajiwara's protest will catch Trump's attention and Trump will surprise everyone (like he did with the US pullout from Syria) and issue orders to halt the Henoko base expansion and pull out ALL U.S. military forces from Okinawa. Wonder how the anti-US/anti-Trumpers will react? Favourably (akisamiyo!!!) or blast him?

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The position of the Japanese government on the redeployment of US military facilities in the country reflects the interests of the United States to the detriment of the security and quality of life of Japanese citizens. It is believed that by pledging to protect Japan in accordance with the Treaty on Mutual Cooperation and Security of 1960, the United States undertakes to deal with attacks of any kind. However, there is no direct reference to protection by means of a nuclear arsenal in the Treaty. This raises the question of whether Japan can count on and fully rely on the fact that it is safe when it comes to the threat of the use of nuclear weapons against it? Among Japanese politicians, as in society as a whole, there is no definite answer to this question. The problem is also becoming acute because nuclear warranties from the United States are of fundamental importance for Japan. Therefore, Japanese politicians do their best to get such guarantees from the United States.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the benefits of an alliance with the United States outweigh all the associated negative aspects. American military bases have caused the inhibition of the island’s economic development and the growth of crime, which is causing discontent among the islanders and Japanese society as a whole. In addition, the problem is an important psychological point related to the historical feature of the country's development, as well as the mentality of the Japanese. The fact is that "the American military bases that have been preserved on the territory of Japan are perceived by the people of Japan as a legacy of the period of the occupation regime."

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refresh my memory - wasn't an anti-dolphin slaughter protester from US denied a visa to visit Japan? USA get some balls and implement immediate reciprocal action.

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Halwick (Dec. 31, 2019 08:21 am JST),

This heavy U.S. military presence cannot go on forever as if it were occupation, Okinawa's consensus, regardless of a person’s political orientation, is that it must come to an end someday. .

But the point at issue here is MC Air Station Futenma -- whether its function must be absolutely maintained in Okinawa or not. Since there's no strategic reason why it must be kept in Okinawa, it can be relocated anywhere outside Okinawa, either to Guam or U.S. mainland.

I hope Trump will pay attention to Kajiwara's petition which reflects Okinawa's grassroots voice and solve the prolonging issue right then and there.

Now, as regards your fundamental question: how we would react if Trump withdrew not only Futenma but also all other bases including Kadena and White Beach Naval Base? 

Well, that's just the thing we wish for. Maybe, you shouldn't worry about its aftereffects that will be our domestic problems per se.

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Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges - Two Hong Kong activists who were arrested by Japanese police for trespassing after staging a protest at the Yasukuni Shrine two weeks ago will be prosecuted in Japan in February, a local legislator said.

USA should take same action to Japanese protesters.

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