On final trip, U.S. defense secretary looks to reassure Asia allies


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U.S. defense secretary looks to reassure Asia allies

That's going to be a hard sell.

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That's going to be a hard sell.

agreed. It's like using United MileagePlus Miles before expiry.

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A waste of US taxpayers' money, but perhaps Ash just likes to visit Japan. Any excuse for a freebie.

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It is not unreasonable for Asian democratic countries to shoulder more of the cost of area defence: it is also quite reasonable that they should be encouraged to develop their own defence capabilities, including nuclear strike defence, to make them more independent of the USA and their sometimes undesirable and self-interest motivated influence. Given the presence of China and North Korea, both with nuclear capability, it's better if other countries can stand on their own two feet and in their own interests, on the matter of defence, hopefully in an inter-nation coordinated manner.

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And Euros.

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Ash Carter. Ash Ketchum is more likely to get a receptive audience.

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To Tony W.--- I think your way of thinking is pragmatic but I cannot agree with you when you say that “it is also quite reasonable that they should be encouraged to develop their own defense capabilities, including nuclear strike defense,” To anyone of Hiroshimaite, like me, any words which encourage to develop more unclear weapons is anathema. If you visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, you can strongly feel how at any cost we must abolish nuclear weapons. If you think that if other country is armed with unclear, then we have to do the same, the world would be fall into the abyss of war-hell. That is many people anxious about it might be happen after Tramp takes office.

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Nukes are not going away period as we humans hate each other too much. Greed and Power and oligarchs are running the world. They want conflict as it enhances their wealth and power. behind all the politics is big business and they manipulate these talks with how much money they can make even when its bad for the populations of the world. Even now we can see by reports and studies that military concentration in one area is detrimental as it makes 1 big target and easy to eliminate. TPP should of been made like a Nato agreement and establish a wall of Freedom and equal rights for all and to challenge the enemy who wan the opposite and complete control of an area to use for their own gain and to use threats and intimidation's against weaker nations. We must all join as 1 not just against the aggressors but against the Corporate world of conquest for Profits. People need to be living in a life style that is not struggling.

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President Obama was America's first black President, and Trump spent years pushing the lie that he wasn't born in the US, using Americans' latent racism to sabotage his presidency. Nevertheless, despite constant, reflexive, partisan resistance from the right, his presidency was a success, though clearly a qualified one.

Now that Americans' racism has gotten a lot less latent, leading to Trump getting his turn in the Oval office, the kinds of things he said about out allies on the campaign trail to make use of that racism are making those allies nervous. Since the end of WWII America has been recognized by much of the free world as one of the most important allies to have. With Trump's election former allies are sincerely asking if we're able to keep up with even our most basic agreements.

And yet the Obama administration is doing everything in its power to assist Trump in smoothly assuming leadership. Let that sink in. Trump spent years telling Americans that the first black US President was inherently un-American and not to be trusted, and yet he's using his administration's time and energy to try and keep Trump from spectacularly tripping over his own feet. We're going to miss his principled ethics very dearly in the next 4 years.

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Ash Carter should go home right away, because Asian people can get along well with each other and american people also don't like your Obama Asian policy so they choose Trump to lead the US!

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After what the last Carter did to US ally ROC-Taiwan (and Iran) its no wonder that this Carters visit will be seen as an impractical waste and swan song junket of no value whatsoever.

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Japan is already ramping up its military budget - can't afford to take chances - better prepared whatever happens

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