Opposition demands Suga's son appear in Diet over bureaucrat dinners


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He is obviously bent out of shape, corruption nepotism not really an idol for good governance. The top bueuracrats are hardly leading the way for an honest system of governance. Scum is probably nor a strong enough verdict.

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You can take Japan out of the feudal era, but you can't take the feudal era out of Japan.

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His ministry issues a broadcast license to a unit of Tohokushinsha Film. The National Public Service Ethics Law prohibits central government officials from receiving favors from stakeholders.

Shouldnt this read ISSUED? Or are they in the processing of issuing? Or will they issue?

His ministry issues licenses to broadcasters!

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what’s wrong it’s basic sales skills It’s how you do business using connections.

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Unfortunately won't happen. Akie didn't appear for the Moritomo scandal either and she was one of the prime instigators. In many ways that was even more serious than this case because someone committed suicide because of the coverup.

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Just say you were a) drunk, b) stressed because of your work, c) drunk because too stressed from giving yourself bigger goal as a challenge, d) drunk because you were too stressed because you like to work and don't know when to stop working

Then make few 90 degree bows, with a bit broken voice 申し訳御座いません, perhaps throw some self-critics here and there.

Guaranteed it'll work!!

Suga has said he was not aware of the dinners.

I'm not sure that saying this is a good excuse...

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Suga's spoiled son no doubt subscribes to the school of entitlement: "let them eat sushi".

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Ain't gonna happen.

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Look I know these extravagant LDP dinners may make people's blood boil and all that and are indeed a great way to score some easy political points, but really shouldn't the opposition be focussing on policy issues ( do they have one? ) you know the pandemic stuff and the shakey economy?? Priorities people, priorities! These hit pieces just appeal to people's sense of resentment and jealousy rather than their intellect. Anyone that can come up with ( and communicate ) a coherent plan and vision for the future should be killing it Japan now, but unfortunately, it's the latest version of the same old anti-narrative.

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Ricky you are right but as the system is coherent alternative is not viable. And that is the reason why a vision of the future is off the table. It's all about the status quo, old men making excessive amounts of tax tax payer money That stupidity they can't take to the Furness so why? ....stupidity and that's politics in Japan.

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They are all the same. Somebody want Sugas job. I will go to the second floor to think who?

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Please change the moniker from 'Cool Japan' to 'Feudal Japan' it is much more apt!

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Ricky Kaminski13Today  02:27 pm JST

...but really shouldn't the opposition be focussing on policy issues ( do they have one? ) you know the pandemic stuff and the shakey economy?

What, and just completely ignore this kind of thing? Do you think the LDP would turn a blind eye if opposition politicians carried on the same way?

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