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Opposition DPJ leader Banri Kaieda steps down


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Kaieda was beaten by what I call an unknown (at least I and Japanese friends around me had never heard of her ... the winner). From what I gather, Kaieda was targeted by Jiminto and done in by a flood of Soka Gakkai votes against him. This will never be proven, however, as the press is now looking at post-election successes elsewhere, which of course covers mostly Jiminto winners.

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Fukushima effect, sadly, they had a chance to change everything during the Fukushima disaster, instead they failed and let Abe came in power.

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Kaieda barely mustered a whimper of protest against Abe in the election. He could've promised to reverse everything Abe has done - then maybe he could've gotten more votes.

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Kaeda was a wet paper sack of a useless suit. Seriously, I don't think in the whole time he was leader of the DPJ I ever heard him say anything other than "Abe is bad."

Proposed policies: "Uh, well, Abe is bad."

Hey Banri, how about economic reform? "Abe is bad."

What's your idea, Banri? "Abe is bad."

How's the weather today, Banri? "Abe is bad."

Listen, I detest Abe too. But this guy had zero leadership ability, zero charisma, and zero chance of actually leading this country. The DPJ is better off without him, and should clean house of the old guard like him to provide a fresh start for younger leaders who might, I don't know, actually lead?

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David Barnes...totally agree with you, the oppositions were full of clowns.

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