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Opposition lawmaker Tamaki may run in Okinawa governor race


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Power to Tamaki,

Power to the people right on.

Power to the anti-Henoko demonstrators

       who have staged a sit-in there for over 14 years, rain or shine

Power to them right on.

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Power to Tamaki,

Power to the people right on.

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Only hope for Okinawa is communist party or a new Okinawa people’s party.

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I actually know him, having first met him when he had a local radio program many years ago. I haven't spoken to him in several years but he is a good man and his story is a familiar one on Okinawa because his father was a U.S. Serviceman (Marine) who left Okinawa before he was born and was never seen again. I believe that he made an attempt to try and locate his father but was unsuccessful. Even though his father abandoned him and his mother, he does not dislike Americans and he loves Rock n Roll. He had a tough childhood and was picked on because of being Amerasian and his father not being around. In 2009 he became the first Amerasian member of the Japanese House of Representatives and it would be nice to see him become the Gov. of Okinawa. He has his work cut out for him because the LDP will be promising the people of Okinawa everything under the sun to try and win this election.

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