Opposition LDP keeps lead - poll


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Meet the new boss, same as the old -- literally, if the LDP wins and puts Abe in charge once again.

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26% vs 13% does not mean much. 43% does. Leaders of each party should be debating 24/7 on TV during the full 2 weeks of the electoral campaign period to make sure the voters have a clearer idea of who they are voting for. Japan cannot afford to make mistakes this time round.

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God help us - yesterday Abe outlined the classic LDP economic vision for Japan when he becomes the next PM - massive public projects spending !! ( = more white elephants for amakudari crony companies ) financed by forcing the Bank of Japan to buy government construction bonds therefore flooding the money market and devaluing the yen in the process. Kinda similar to what caused high inflation in Japan after the war ...Kiss the value of your yen savings good bye and watch prices of everything increase =prepare to start growing your own vegies :-) Hopefully Abe will not have an outright majority to push this stupid idea through the Diet.

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the unpalatable choices facing voters this election is almost unbelievable; you have an ineffectual DPJ, a vested-interest filled LDP, and a radical far-right Sunrise party. No wonder most japanese people feel so helpless.

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regarding Abe, mercelito is only mentioning is domestic policies. his foreign policies are WORSE! right-wing drum-beating beautiful Japan fascist.

big trouble if Abe gets another shot.

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Debucho - Abe has NO policies, just sound bytes - the LDP's manifesto is to do "what they said" - the bureaucrats. Which makes them the same as the DPJ right now, only more experienced.

41% no affiliated does not mean potential votes - it means no votes.

This will be a low turnout with Komei, DPJ and Ishin polling equally around 10% competing for 2nd and 3rd place.

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I am not sure that inflation is such a bad idea. 1) It hits those with savings who are generally those that are better off, and helps those with debts such as home purchasers (assuming they have fixed rate loans). Generally inflation has been opposed in Japan by the phogie majority, who vote, but if Abe can do it then it may also encourage people to invest. 2) Japanese government spending is not all that high, but their tax revenues are not meeting expenditure. Income and Coporate taxes are pretty high. The Japanese financial controllers (housewives) have an aversion to consumption taxes. So that leaves cutting expenditure or printing money.

Personally I want Ishin, or someone, who will cut spending.

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26% for the LDP, 13% for the DPJ. Cripes, can't the other 61% vote in a decent party?  

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I know the answer to the question I asked... nope! Not this time, anyway.

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