Opposition leaders call for extra Diet session over virus response


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I keep looking and hoping, most likely in vain that somehow, miraculously , someone in this country will be able realize what has to be done in this unprecedented pandemic and actually be able to do it. The nation needs to be rallied, we need strong, solid, brave and competent leadership that can look the camera in the eye, have a plan and connect to the people. They can take it, the good news and the bad. Now is the time for simple straight talk. Have a look at ABC Australia’s daily updates for reference as to what it should look like. Check out the YouTube channel. Every morning I chuck this on, and then turn on the J media for comparison. Yesterday Koikesan was holding a color coded message with a rainbow on it....


Not just the government, all those that find themselves in positions of influence must step to the line. It’s what leadership does. Do we see any of it here? Or is it all side glancing, hiding in a group, denial, shutting down and in the end, fatalism? If the bosses can’t do it, break ranks and do it yourself people.

Serious concerns as this thing continues, culturally there are a few factors that aren’t gunna work in Japan’s favor. Swift action never exactly a strong point nor is dealing with the big problems. This is the time folks. Have the conversations. What has to be done? Leave the sighs for after it’s over.

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Definitely needed with humane ideas needed.

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