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Opposition parties want Ozawa to testify in Diet as sworn witness


The opposition Liberal Democratic Party and its partner, the New Komeito Party, on Wednesday called on former Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) leader Ichiro Ozawa to testify in the Diet as a sworn witness after prosecutors appealed his acquittal in a political funding scandal.

LDP chief Sadakazu Tanigaki told reporters that Ozawa should testify to live up to his moral and political responsibilities, TV Asahi reported. He also said that the DPJ has to clean house.

However, DPJ Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi said that it will be difficult for Ozawa to testify in the Diet, now that an appeal process has begun.

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opposition parties should ask those THREE prosecutors to testify and find out if there is/are serious reason(s) behind their move or mere publicity stunt?

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seems like a desparate move to try and stop a resurgent ozawa. maybe it will backfire, people being tired of this use of the courts for political grandstanding.

if ozawa were able to regroup and rally the djp at some point, that would be a decisive blow to the machinations of the ldp.

of course, he'll have to come to terms with the reality of the tax issue before that happens. it would be ludicrous if the ldp could take advantage of such a basic issue aimed at helping ensure that the government can meet costs on social security, etc.

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Let me guess: if Ozawa doesn't testify (and he won't) the LDP will boycott the Diet etc.

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Opposition MP's want a chance to air his dirty laundry ahead of an election campaign to make DJP seem worse than the LDP. Yet another case of mudslinging because neither party really has anything valuable to offer. Personally, hearing his stories recently revealed in Bunshun weekly about the alleged child he fathered and kept hidden is going to be more interesting than instructing his secretaries to hide/shift the 4,000 ten thousand yen notes he knew nothing about (allegedly).

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He's been found innocent by the courts. Does he have to go up against this LDP/Komeito kangaroo tribunal, too? Just where does the judicial and political branches diverge? Or does this simple political concept escape these do-nothings?

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"LDP chief Sadakazu Tanigaki told reporters that Ozawa should testify to live up to his moral and political responsibilities,"

Why doesn't somebody shut this bloke up? In the midst of a national disaster, the worst since 1945, the Prime Minister asked him to join his government, to help heal the nation. Tanigaki stomped off in a huff because the Prime Minister, who had quite a few issues on his plate at the time, called him on the phone instead of asking him in person. This is a man who wants to lecture on responsibility?!

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Even if prosecutors acquitted him in the first place two years ago and the judges found him not guilty at the court summoned by the "forced prosecution", his acquittal is still appealed to the higher court and he is being called on to testify in the Diet. It's sort of fascism.

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They cannot do that. He was alredy found non guilty and the prosecutors are in process of appealing it (technicality errors only) to the higher court of Japan. .

Is there any political system assuring a separation of power between 3 branches in Japan such as Judicial/Executive/Congress branches? Sounds like they are asking something backward to Ozawa to do. I am not for Ozawa, but this request suggests how ignorant Japanese politicians are in law.

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