Ousted Thai leaders leave Japan for Hong Kong


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so Japan permits convicted criminals entry to the country if they have a lot of money?

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Certainly seems that way from the limited info I have seen.

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Very democratic convictions....not....their party still wins elections...

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Thailand is ruled by a military junta with no rule of law... Just the arbitrary actions of the military. These former prime ministers might be corrupt and in need of punishment, but calling them "convicted criminals" is a stretch when they have been "convicted" by a group of military thugs that have repealed the constitution and rule by fiat.

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Well, why not? They even let the 'Japanese' ex-president of Peru stay here.

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Hmm... It seem that some ppl here don't know what they really did in Thailand.

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A year or two ago, he visited my friends company. He has no money worries and invested a lot in my friends business. He has a good life. Thai people suffer every day.

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Is this by a private-channel agreement with the Thai regime that wants these democratically elected and popular leaders gone without the mess of turning them into martyrs?

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Thai people suffer every day. any yet the Thai royal family is the 2nd richest in the world , approx $30billion in assets. saying anything bad about them will get you thrown in prison, so much for working for the people.

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".....so Japan permits convicted criminals...."

They were democratically elected, mainly by poor people. The current miltary rulers ousted her....... for a scheme that supported rice prices for the benefit of farmers, the kind of program that countries like Japan do routinely.

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