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Over ¥4 trillion of public works budget unspent in FY2020, 2021


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A prominent professor said on TV, "The Japanese government has never conducted verification of efficacy and that's why our economy continues to decline and social security scheme is nearly collapsed even though they have hammered out so many economic packages and relief measures ".

He said "Maybe no sufficient staff for analysis"., but their beurocratic intention appears only for securing budget and power. 

Even if a qualified lawmaker tries to make a change, he/she will be crushed by power-obsessive officials ... only the ones who sweep hot potatoes under the rug can survive.

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Any unspent money should be used to reduce the consumption tax, or used to fund pensions, or used to reopen all the many fountains and pools in the parks that seem to have been abandoned.

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"Supplementary budgets should only be added when the initial budget and rollover funds have been used up,"

Yeah, but you see, that is too practical and smart -- something this government has never been in my entire time here.

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Better start public works on disaster prevention and mitigation. Flooding and droughts are going to be the norm.

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Goto love the press. Now they are complaining that the government isn't spending money.

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This should be good news but will just bring fretted brows. The classic depiction of government departments, in the comedy "Yes Minister" too if I remember correctly, is that you must spend the entire budget or it will be cut next year.

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As public works projects can help stimulate the economy, 

Sorry Kyodo, stuck to reporting rather than editorializing.

30 years of public works projects has made Japans economy stagnant, not stimulated.

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I've seen some quite large areas of countryside that have yet to have concrete poured on them. Get those public works going. I want to see my tax money wasted on pointless "create work" projects to aid construction companies.

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