Ozawa criticizes DPJ for making concessions to opposition


Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa on Wednesday criticized Prime Minister Naoto Kan and other party leaders for caving in to pressure from the opposition.

Ozawa, who leads the party's largest faction with about 140 parties, was critical of the party for dropping its child-allowance program and cautioned the DPJ policy chiefs not to drop the election manifesto, which the opposition LDP and New Komeito parties are pressuring the DPJ to do in order to reduce fiscal spending.

Ozawa said that if the DPJ gives up its manifesto, it won't be able to stay in power.

Ozawa is under indictment for alleged false reporting of political funding. His trial is due to start in Tokyo on Oct 6.

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Ozawa himself may be looking for some concessions..however, DPJ should follow his advice seriously.

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I don't like to admit this,not being a fan of Ozawa, but this statement is completely true. But then again if Ozawa had backed his own party and reigned in those rebels in his faction there would not have been a reason to succumb to the blackmail of the opposition. Mr Kan realised the only way to get bills passed to help those suffering from 3/11 was to sacrifice his own career and his integrity. Ozawa can make these statements because he achieved his goal, or then again maybe he hasn't. Mr Kan hasn't stepped down yet !!!!

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ozawa is a toad.

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He is a scum bag, and no one should listen to a scum bag. He has 140 brain dead in his group, this is the state of leadership in Japan.

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was critical of the party for dropping its child-allowance program and cautioned the DPJ policy chiefs not to drop the election manifesto

I dissent from Ozawa's position as always.

With a world economy is melting down to a long term recession, japan sovereign debt/gdp ratio still being over 225%(highest in the world), Tohoku restration project still pending and NUKE mess being still out of control, I am not sure if Japan can really afford a child allowance. I strongly disagree with his ideology of ONE ASIA. We all have to learn all mistakes from Eurozone debt crisis.

Instead of thinking to save a face of DPJ, Ozawa and DPJ need to do what is a best interest for Japan and Japanese people. .

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Ozawa ran away from his duties and ridiculous promises, bottom line. He has no right to criticize the failures of said ridiculous promises from the side-lines.

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Ozawa sucks, but that doesn't make these statements incorrect.

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The DPJ "Manifesto" was just a big bribe to score votes in the first place. They only got voted in because many people wanted to give them a chance rather than let stale old LDP keep the reins forever. Well Gee Hatoyama and Kan have been fantastic haven't they!

What most voters want and would be happy with (even if they are unable to articulate it) is, I believe, policy that will get Japan's state of affairs sorted out. That requires a bit of leadership and realistic policy (for a change). Write it in a "Manifesto" if you must, but the substance is more important than keeping daft promises that shouldn't have been made in the first instance. Alas, no idea where such leadership might come from...

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My beloved DPJ leaders and members, what ever u will decide, remember this: NO LDP AGAIN IN GOVERNMENT. 56 YEARS IS TOO MUCH...... THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THINK .... SLIBERALION ...

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Well said, JapanGal! LOL!

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What the DPJ had originally aimed for and then forgot through wiles by bureaucrats, which Ozawa still holds fast, is simple: Take back leadership from bureaucrats. And decentralize the government and give more autonomy to local municipalities. Politics should be what those who are chosen by the people do for the people. Not what those who passed exams do for themselves and back-scratching industries.

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