Pacific leaders seek more countries in TPP pact


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It will eventually fail.

Time for Japan to sort out its farming and industrial practices.

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That TPP is so catchy no wonder why it's going to be the news of the month. it will be forgotten in January.

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Wait a minute ! Leting in China & the like, there will definitely be too many heavy-weight "elephants" in a small pool.. Again the TPP gatherings in future would turn out to be a club for G2 again !

These days, too many clubs, pacts, unions, associations etc, what the WTO is for ? Countries chasing after these 'memberships' sound like collecting give-away credit cards / frequent flyers cards ? These trade pacts organizers must play by the rules !

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I think the US will be looking to force its IP laws on TPP member countries. That means any company making a gadget becomes liable to pay royalties to US companies holding vague patents that should never have been granted. It's like an extortion racket and will be coming soon to TPP member states.

As the number of TPP countries increases, the pressure to introduce "safeguards" will grow. That means no cheap food imports to Japan as, even if tarriffs are eliminated, restrictions on the volume of imports will be introduced instead.

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Despite the U.S. optimism about the TPP, Obama acknowledged that there would be “difficulties” and “sensitivities” by member countries. Most experts believe it will take years before a concrete agreement can come to fruition.

Great relief to Japanese who are strongly opposed to TPP. If it's going to take years...no problem, we should stick to 'Buy America Act !' Wonderful Weekend !

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Thank you, Obama for shutting down H1, Nimitz and the beach.

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Free trade?? that is code for slave labor and New World Order and one world government and countries losing their rights.

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Poor Noda couldn't attend the top level meeting, because Japan isn't a member to the negotiations yet.

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China would eventually join up, as it sees envy from other nations joining, though reforms for IP laws there is another question..

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The TPP idea was so sick....those countries like Japan or South Korea will open up their domestic market for foreign products enter will endanger their own especially the agricultural sector! I think this is a stooge's errand from hillary!

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I still wonder who is the real driving force behind the TPP and who will benefit the most.

Some parties already voiced concerns that some countries joining will have a negative impact on parts of their economy. Now a TPP or a FTA works both ways you get to sell your products at a wider market and also get to buy other stuff cheaper. Now the bottom of the Buy/Sell ledger decides if you benefit or not.

Which of the current parties is looking the most for a wider international market for their products in order to boost it's own economy? Countries will look after No.1 first most of all.

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Who's laughing now mr. Noda? OOOBAKA - SAN DA !

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Just-a-guy. The real loser in the TPP will be the U.S.A. Japan and S.Korea will open up their markets only on paper the Asian countries are very nationalistic and have been brainwashed that their products are safe and the best. Have you ever wondered why salmon from chile and pumpkin from New Zealand just vanished from the market the moment salmon from hokkaido and pumpkins from other parts of the country started hitting the supermarket shelves. It as if importers have been instructed not to import. The real loser is the consumer who has to pay expensively for poor quality and has limited choices.

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When the TPP is in force, american companies may contract thousands of chinese To work in japan.

I sincerely do not want go to a government office and listen ""ni hao"" as reply.

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