Packed Japan-U.S. agenda for Trump's meeting with Abe


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Latest news: Trump invited foreign dignitaries who awaited to meet him. Rich couuuntries like Japan,,, many days. They were packed in Trump Hotel. Very expensive high rise gorgeous hotel.. Hotel charged every country. Many contrived can not afford. How many days Abe went NY Trump Tower? He explained His children's business. He is not collecting. Washington DC's only most expensive stole guests from other hotels fepolrt said.

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I agree that the article reads more like an editorial. Writing from here in Kyoto, I am quite aware of the trepidation of official Japan. But as someone who continues to be involved in the political side, having worked actively on behalf of Pres Reagan some 35 years ago in various capacities, and having voted for DJT via absentee ballot, I truly believe that the solid relationship between our two nations will grow much stronger, in a much more thoughtful and nature way. From my work in my home base of NYC I came to know some key people in DJT's campaign; and going forward, I think that there will be a rebalancing of responsibilities between our militaries. Japan can and should stand tall, while knowing that on all the most important security matters, maritime issues and self protection, the United States will always have Japans back. Its not a top down relationship. Its one of mature brothers and sisters. Realize that. While the perception that TPP has been just one more entangled multilateral mess that the US needs no part of, fair and sound business agreements one to one, will gain traction. I do thin it is the false assumption by the PRC that their relationship will be "business as usual" is delusional. The Japan-US Partnership will grow even stronger. Two democracies, two real friends. The doubts will vanish like last months campaign battles, to dust will settle and the sun will rise, and shine. There is much reason for optimism. Truth.

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Lots of "ifs" in this article.

That's what I noticed too.

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last night watched a vid and was appalled by the gratuitous violence and HATE from the defeated, really scary stuff. Just look up on youtube "Trump supporters in a jeep".

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Why not?

Because Japan is a strategically advantageous location that America wants to be in, that costs them very little money since Japan pays 75% of the costs of being here.

I'm not sure why you think Trump would act against the interests of the American military, when he has always claimed to be a supporter of them.

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Why would he do that?

Why not? The military serves 2 purposes, to protect Japan from an unknown aggressor, and to protect Japan from itself. The latter is most important, without the presence of the US military, the fan would be somewhat shaded in a brown colour.

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I seriously doubt any agenda for this meeting will be packed with much other a simple meet & greet. Although trump will LOVE the fact abe came shooting over so fast, he likely WILL use that.

Lets face now trump won he will be super busy trying to figure whats what, he wont have much time for Japan likely

And yes our times will be more interesting, Japan will likely have to start thinking more seriously here on in instead of coasting which it has gotten too used to.

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I hope Trump pulls all the yank military from Japan.

Why would he do that?

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Abe has soiled himself, he has no gonads, I hope Trump pulls all the yank military from Japan. Whatcha gonna do now Abe kun?

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Thank God, Obama won't be there, dodged another bullet!

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We are in for interesting times.Like to be a fly on the wall for this meeting..

You would be watching a sequel to Dumb and Dumber.

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meaning the level of knowledge of average Americans are about the same with Trump. I hear some Americans do not know where Japan is located. They think Japan is a part of China.

Yeah, we say the same about everyone else, some people don't understand that in a true democracy, the loser should take it in stride, find out why they lost and focus on becoming a better and more appealing candidate. And I don't know how many times I have met people outside of the US that think Los Angeles is a country. Go figure....

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Trump's rough speech appealed a lot to the average Americans while his ignorance surprised the world. Anyway he won the race meaning the level of knowledge of average Americans are about the same with Trump. I hear some Americans do not know where Japan is located. They think Japan is a part of China.

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Didn't we force Japan to disarm after WWII and agree that they should not rearm? Isn't that why they won't "defend" us?

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Lots of "ifs" in this article. Let us not assume anything for the time being.

And according to other news, "they" don't even know yet where and when Abe will meet Trump. Maybe there won't be any meeting at all?

For more info on this:


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We are in for interesting times.Like to be a fly on the wall for this meeting..

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domtoidi Is right. I don't know what else to say.

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But if he matches his belligerent campaign style with a robust military stance in the region and a diplomatic push to protect allies’ interests against China’s claims, he could win friends.

This apparent "news article" is written like an editorial.

Trump should do this, he shouldn't do that etc.

Whatever happened to simply reporting the facts?

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If your friend goes and picks a fight with someone on the other side of town, you'd be a fool to get into that fight. Japan will defend itself if attacked. Your position is ridiculous because a friend shouldn't drag you into fights everywhere.

First, let's assume Trump is so ignorant he didn't/doesn't know how much Japan pays to support the US military. The US military is in Japan for its own purposes, to have its own empire, to be everywhere, to try to control everywhere, not to defend Japan.

Second, he's probably as ignorant as the average American that there are no US television makers, Japan employs 1.5 million Americans just in the auto industry alone, including in the factories Japanese companies built in America, the US already has tariffs on imported cars (even 50% tariff on pickup trucks to protect US companies) and Japan has a tariff of zero on imported cars.

Japanese roads are full of Mercedes, BMW's, Audi's and VW's.

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“If we’re attacked, Japan doesn’t have to do anything. They can sit home and watch Sony television, OK?” he declared, arguing that the alliance must be a “two-way street.”

This is the one line Abe wants to hear to push through the permanent change to article 9. Trump has a point though, if a friend of mine was in a fight, I would certainly help, and screw any laws that say I couldn't, but then this is Japan, and it needs a committee to decide whether or not any action should be taken.

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