Pandemic-hit voters hope for brighter days as general election looms


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want better days? vote the LDP out. Its that simple

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“People whose lives have been upended by the coronavirus said Thursday they are hoping for government policies that improve work conditions”

Two years weren’t enough for that to happen?

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Unfortunately, Japanese society forget soon no matter how government and ruling party repeat inhumane politics.

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want better days? vote the LDP out. Its that simple

Absolutely correct...unfortunately the army of oldies here for whom the change is just oh, so scary, will keep these useless LDP oyajis in power.

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No chance if they voted for kishida.

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The exact same forces that failed to respond in an appropriate manner to the contagion, when re-elected are going to bring the empty vessel of hope - which is their typical sleight of hand. A regime that instituted GoToTravel in the midst of a pandemic? And embraced The Olympics. Failed to secure and adequate supply of vaccine until the second year of SARSCoV-2.

Not going to happen. No hope with the minstrels.

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People whose lives have been upended by the coronavirus . . .

So much impact.

White petals afloat

On a winding woodland stream –

What else is life’s dream!

Sadakichi Hartmann

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