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Panel denies systematic ministry coverup of faulty jobs data


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Why the kid gloves in this report? Numerous Governments and corporations from around the world have been calling out Japan regarding this coverup. The stock markets, and businesses use statistics like this, to make decisions about investments in Japanese businesses.

There is a pattern of coverups here in Japan that goes back prior to the bubble era, in numerous areas, and the government is guilty as well.

This data was used to pay benefits to people on unemployment at the time, and to make things look less worse than they were at the time and afterwards! It's criminal!

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So, the top dogs are denying any knowledge and putting it all back into the their subordinates. TIJ!

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A panel investigating faulty labor ministry jobs data denied Wednesday there was a systematic coverup, saying top bureaucrats were not aware monthly labor surveys had been "conducted improperly" over nearly 15 years.

It can't be, it simply can't be that such dirty data manipulation is not noticed in 15 years by the top bureaucrats. 15 years for world sake, and nobody thought there is a problem. I call this BS!

Or if it's really true that nobody noticed anything in such a long period of time, then being incompetent and stupid seems to be qualities to get high paying jobs in Japan paid by taxpayers. And it is very worrisome that such intellectually limited people would be in charge of a nation of 120 million people.

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Good on them.

japanese business is down 2%, economy -3%. Abenomics is about broken arrows.

What would you do in their situation? Seriously? I love japan and want us to prevail...but from my life experience, the only way to win is to cheat.

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Here is where we should invoke the analogy of the dishonest waiter.

A waiter occasionally gives the wrong change. If the waiter is honest, the amount of change he gives will be too much in some cases and too little in others. If dishonest, the amount will tend to be too little.

These "slip-ups" occurring in the civil service always tend to be in a certain direction.

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Japan is the number one in denying wrong doings practise. The Japanese word " gokai " meaning u misunderstood " or " kanchigai " u took it wrongly, are very common in daily Japanese conversation and work life. But pls grow up a mistake is a mistake , a cover up is a cover-up. if ever Japan wants to get a head. These are the few first steps. No wonder japan never grew up. it is the peter-pan of the world.

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Even when the current opposition party was the ruling party (2009-2012), this issue existed. This indicates that politicians did not know, and that is understandable. On the other hand, I don't believe that no top level goverment workers have noticed this problem.

For this issue, we also need to discuss how we should take samples hereafter : taking all samples as designed and not fully done so many years due to huge lack of man power and due to periodic personnel shifts ? or taking limit samples as done in US, UK etc, and accepting a finite systematic uncertainty ?

But again in the National diet, always discussion falls into "failure or error of 'Abenomics'" and practical measurement will not be taken...

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