G-8 lower house speakers discuss peace, arms reduction in Hiroshima


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No sitting U.S. president or vice president has ever visited Hiroshima.

OK, that's screwed up.

Seriously? At no point did ANYone visit? I know that Presidents, et al can't just go galavanting around for the Hell of it (current US President notwithstanding,) but NOBODY?

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I am actually surprised Pelosi of all people would make a trip to Hiroshima. Nevertheless, the need for a sitting president or vice-president to visit the city is moot. I am sure not a single sitting prime minister or royal member of Japan has ever made a trip to Hawaii to pay respects to the war memorial.

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Very unsettling act.

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World peace? Anybody find this a bit odd? As much as people dont like to hear it, war still does have a place in human society. Im glad Hitler was stopped. Napoleon, Hirohito, Alexander the Great and on and on and on....

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Sounds like the same copy of speech from last year Missworld winner.

Why not just ask all of the nuke weapen owned countries give up all their WMD?

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