Pension fund denies report of investing in U.S. as part of Abe's offer to Trump


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so the report is correct, just delink govt/Abe's name.

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We do invest in infrastructure projects from a pure investment point of view

You invest in these projects because its fun? How does spending my pension money on infrastructure do anything for anyone. Its seriously my money why are you spending it on crap?

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“There are no such facts such as what some media reported."

Which means it's only slightly worded differently -- but they're still going to do it. I'll bet my pension, which will be nothing at this rate, on it.

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Pension fund to be invested in govt. projects is kind of a strategy to be bet "win-win" but very tricky this system of new-generation paying for old-generation and nobody knows well how much will be remunerated to him/her when the pension age comes, could be much a Japanese bureaucratic game. The reason that caused this generations gap national insurance started in ww2 where that imperial Japan has spent the whole Pension fund of citizens, and now this Abe govt. using the same strategy(??) to USA Trump, that's what I'm against, either. Wake up Japan...Abenomics is FAKE!

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I would like to see the Japanese Gov't grow a backbone (or a pair of big ones) and look out for their people first instead of whoring the pensions to appease a foreign country.

America would never pander like this. To anyone. Have some pride!

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America would never pander like this. To anyone. Have some pride!

America is not pandering to anyone. It is merely asking that trade on both sides be free and equal, which it assuredly isn't. If trade were equal, Abe would not going to the lengths he has been going to reach some kind of deal.

As for the pension fund investment scheme, when it was formulated, it was more for the benefit of allowing the government to pump up the stock prices of Japan Inc than to create positive returns for the fund. In the current economic environment Japan Inc is not likely going to be able to give the pension fund much of a return on it's investment, because, demographically-speaking, there is no potential for domestic growth and resulting returns. The fund is far more likely to earn a return on foreign investments in countries which still have strong demographics and potential for growth.

If the pension fund is restricted to domestic investments, then it is doomed.

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You guys worried about your Japanese pensions because of the GPIF's investment decisions - look into setting up yourself an iDeCo account. From this year virtually anyone can set one up.

The money you put in to your iDeCo is your own individual account. You will receive income tax deductions for the amount you put in. You will have control over how the money is invested (including the option of keeping it in a simple savings account product). The profits you make from your investment decisions will be tax free.

Sounds very good right? So if you don't like what the GPIF is doing with your pension, take control of as much as you are allowed with an iDeCo, and fret a little less.

he intends to discuss “how Japan can create jobs” in the United States

Such a sycophant! In any case, Japan's own economy is crap despite Abe's best efforts so it's a joke to think he'd be able to do anything to improve the U.S. economy.

We won’t make changes to our investment portfolio in response to government instruction.”

we never, ever, make an investment decision as part of government economic measures.”

Wink, wink.

The fund is far more likely to earn a return on foreign investments in countries which still have strong demographics and potential for growth.

Agree. Whether that means investment in Trump's infrastructure plan I don't know, but certainly I'd like the GPIF to look abroad for investment options.

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What is the US going to do to invest in Japan? Japan paid about $7 billion last year in support for US troops.

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Best thing Trump can offer Abe is support for his "weak yen" policy. Japanese people think a weak yen is good for them because Japanese exports become worth less in dollar terms, and they don't want to consume stuff from abroad that badly. So they don't want new investments much, they are happy so long as all their old businesses can keep operating and there is no disruption to day-to-day life. Land of aspirations!

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