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Peru president leaves Japan with $250 mil in loans


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And once again the GOJ giving away our money to everyone but the people who need it in the north. It's nice that Japan loans money to these nations, and that as a result they can find energy saving measures in this and that, and work on clean technologies while here at home the government insists it doesn't have the money to invest in alternative resources at the moment and that keeping the NPPs offline is costing us too much.

They better be getting a WHOLE lot of raw materials in return!

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3 day visit and get a 250 million loan? wow. im here 3 years and I cant even get my creditcard validated. pffff

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$250 million to Peru..... A trillion yen to TEPCO.... Billions more to EU to help with Greece......

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This time it is for a good cause, but seeing how J-gov sprinkles money left and right, I finally understand why security money for whale hunters had to be taken from Tohoku rebuilding fund.

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EXACTLY SmithinJapan! How about those up north that need it to rebuild? Oh thats right.....never mind about them!Its not Tokyo!

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I should mention that in most cases, when natural disasters happen, the money needed is often given, the economic goals mostly reached. Many studies show that. The problem is, as ZICHI point out is the implementation of plans. Slow decision making and bureaucracy, not to mention lack of will to get things done faster, plus also costs for administration, means that problems are not solved. But what most people dont realise is that the money is often already in place. It was the same with the tsunami-money donated for the big disaster in Thailand/Indonesia/Sri Lanka almost a decade ago, and also the case with the Haiti earthquake. Another problem in some areas is also rampant corruption, which means some money get "lost". Actually im wondering why people are not more critical towards the creation of a socalled free trade agreement. Free trade agreements often benefits mainly big companies, and not so much local production. At least hope the money is spent well on making the Peru system more green.

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Quite often you see the Japanese government giving huge loans.. something does not add up.. Here is the highest debted Country in the world and it contiues too make Loans... Could someone please explains to me what is going ON...

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Japan is still the world's ATM.

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