Petition demands lawmaker apologize for LGBT remark


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Abe's party was slow to respond, criticizing her only after tens of thousands of people staged angry protests outside the party headquarters.

The LDP is loathe to respond or retract statements that are associated with social issues. The party is pretty much all ultra-conservative, and many if not most, if not publicly, privately agree with what this lawmaker said.

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Lawmakers are paid to express their opinions.

There's a difference between a Politician and a Civil Servant, like say a teacher. The politician is supposed to express the views of his constituents, while the teacher is a government worker and is supposed to be non-partisan.

Politicians are entitled to and even expected to express their views freely, while civil servants like teachers should never mix their personal or political views with their work.

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Why would you even want an apology that is a result of a petition?

"We have 100,000 signatures, now apologize."

"OK, Sorry? Bye now."

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Burning BushToday  06:58 am JST

Lawmakers are paid to express their opinions.

No, they are paid to make laws. It's right there in their name.

This is no mere "opinion", by the way. This was a deceitful attack on Sugita's constituency. We need to oppose the fascist lie that denigrating some groups of people as less-than-human is somehow just a matter of personal opinion and therefor up for debate.

Because what always comes next after that lie is an attempt at violence against those groups. Fascism must be opposed at every turn.

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I red racism must be nipped in the bud, therefore I oppose any attempt to strip any one of their right to speak and express their views.

Even if I disagree with your opinion, I will defend your right to express it freely.

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Producitiy of law suits and PC culture to Japan sadly.

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Are they still talking about this? Geez! Get over it guys. It's just her opinion.

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Burning BushToday  08:19 am JST

I red racism must be nipped in the bud, therefore I oppose any attempt to strip any one of their right to speak and express their views.

That will happen when you stop reading the words that were written on the page and substitute for them something different you'd rather have been written.

Even if I disagree with your opinion, I will defend your right to express it freely.

"But just so you know, a bunch of people who disagree with you have guns. Don't worry, I'm not censoring you! I defend your right to say whatever you want! I just think it's important for you to know that a bunch of people who disagree with you are able to deal lethal violence in an instant. So what was your opinion again?"

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Her boss, Abe has been unproductive, according to her own logic. And is she going to have another baby - because having just one is not going to raise the population. Hypocritical bigot.

Are they still talking about this? Geez! Get over it guys. It's just her opinion.

If she were a private citizen, then she say the sky's purple for all I care. But she is in a job where she is supposed to serve citizens and receives tax-payers' money. She can express her opinions but not when it leads to hatred and possibly violence towards some people. Do I really have to explain this?

I'd rather see her voted out of her job because any apology will be forced and insincere.

Even if I disagree with your opinion, I will defend your right to express it freely.

Yeah sure.

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The constitution of japan......

Chapter 3

Rights and duties of the people.......

*Article 11. The people shall not be prevented from enjoying any of the fundamental human rights. These fundamental human rights guaranteed to the people by this Constitution shall be conferred upon the people of this and future generations as eternal and inviolate rights. *

Article 12. The freedoms and rights guaranteed to the people by this Constitution shall be maintained by the constant endeavor of the people, who shall refrain from any abuse of these freedoms and rights and shall always be responsible for utilizing them for the public welfare.

*Article 13. All of the people shall be respected as individuals. Their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall, to the extent that it does not interfere with the public welfare, be the supreme consideration in legislation and in other governmental affairs. *

*Article 14. All of the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in political, economic or social relations because of race, creed, sex, social status or family origin.*

Peers and peerage shall not be recognized.

No privilege shall accompany any award of honor, decoration or any distinction, nor shall any such award be valid beyond the lifetime of the individual who now holds or hereafter may receive it.

Mio Sugita, apology is insufficient. Mio Sugita has brought her discriminatory prejudice into the office of a dietary member.

Mio Sugita is not capable of representing all constituents without fear or favour. Mio Sugita bigoted belief, stand point is self-evident.

Chapter IV. The Diet

Article 44. The qualifications of members of both Houses and their electors shall be fixed by law. However, there shall be no discrimination because of race, creed, sex, social status, family origin, education, property or income........

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So what was your opinion again?"

My opinion is that you and everybody else has a right to say whatever they want, and that I will defend that right with my life if I have to.

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Good quotes from the constitution. I rather enjoyed having legal and constitutional debates back in university. The problem is the discrimination only covers, as you quote, "race, creed, sex, social status, family origin, education, property or income." Sex, as written, is male or female (gender identity is open for interpretation by the courts). Sexual orientation is not on the discrimination list in the constitution (remember, it was implemented back in 1947), therefore, Ms Sugita is not acting unconstitutionally. That being said, holding office is a popularity contest. She will be removed if enough people refuse to vote for her.

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Tactics of militant LGBTQ activists: Silence, shame and punish those who challenge thier agenda rather debate the point on its factual merits.

Rather than calling Ms. Sugita a bigot please disprove her argument by providing statistics that prove that the average LGBTQ couple is as productive as the average heterosexual couple.

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It was my legal opinion (ms Sugita not acting unconstitutionally), not my personal one. Apologies, it was a bit short.

In general, I'm more of a textualist rather than living constitutionalist, despite my political leanings. Abraham Lincoln once said the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously.

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This isn't the only time Mio Sugita has said something despicable. In a documentary called Japan's Secret Shame concerning rape and sexual harassment in Japan, she says that kind of thing is normal, every woman experiences it, and they should just learn to live with it - with a smile and laughter. She is an enemy of women, of minorities, of everyone who questions the worrying aspects of current Japan.

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@Concerned Citizen

How are you supposed to do that? What does productivity mean? It's a ridiculous statement with an implied value-judgment of a certain group of people. Besides, why should people be judged on their "productivity" (whatever that means)? Don't they have an inherent value as people, no matter who they choose to spend their life with?

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Of course LGBTQ couples have as much inherent value as anyone else. But equal inherent value does not mean everyone gets to claim equal govt support. All humans are equal. But historically, the world over, governments have always given extra support to childbearing couples.

I believe she was referring to the fact that heterosexual couples in general bear children, who in turn bear children, who in turn.....those generations of children contribute economically and therefore heterosexual couples are generally more productive.

Comparatively, very few LGBTQ couples bear children.

Japan is economically suffering due to a low birthrate and heading for a demographic, economic and social crisis, therefore the government wishes to encourage childbearing and supports those more likely to have children.

This is not at all to demean the LGBTQ community. But rather a recognition of facts and according allocation of resources.

Having said all that, I would suggest that govt support is given to all parents who have children regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

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@Concerned Citizen

If it all boils down to who makes babies, then LGBT people should actually receive more support from the government. In our modern society homosexual couples have many opportunities for procreation, even without talking about adoption. The problem is, people like Sugita stigmatize them, making it hard for them to make use of all these options. I don't think she wants to help, I don't think this statement truly reflects a concern for the future. I really think it's only a product of ignorance and prejudice.

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As has been the pattern on these comments, none of her critics have proved her argument wrong by providing statistics that show that LGBTQ couples are on average equally or more productive than heterosexual couples.

Her critic's only argument has been name calling and outrage, but no facts.

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