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Aquino looking for $1 bil in Japanese investments


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Will you investing in a nation that their 'cop' could carry a M16 rifle after sacked and hostage taking a bus of tourists including women and children for hours and nobody can do something except a hurl of bullets killing everyone onboard known as 'rescue mission'??

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No country is perfect especially not the Republic of the Philippines So that said I do hope Japan and other rich countries can do more to help less developed countries do more to help themselves in win Win situations.

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You're coming to Japan. You aren't going to get any money. You're going to get "Muzukashi and a radiation bath"

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@just-a-guy china is now the second largest economy in the world. so the answer to your question is yes.

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Several days ago, in a different thread I said that Philippines will ask for huge favors, seeing their shameless sucking up to Japan. Here we go. It didn't take much time. "Japan is so rich. It can surely give couple of billion to poor Philippines, who suffer greatly under Chinese pressure". Maybe Japan can also attack China, so Philippines can peacefully claim disputed territories (which are rightfully theirs) for their rightful development. I don't understand why play these games. Everything is so transparent.

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By the end of the WWII, The Philippines used to be one of the top Asian nations in economic growth, sports..Now, it turns out to be at the bottom of the rank in almost everything except the powerhouse of maids & musicians as exports..what a difference their politicians can make in 50 years ! Nowadays, "Cash is king" especially amid economic downturns, no one will really open their wallet especially towards a 'dried ' country ( contrary to the Philippines, Libya has oil .. ), President Aquino, think it over, you should practice boxing in YOUR class & not going around flirting with these 'powers' -- these are cunning big countries with no room for you to try out your luck !

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I must assume you are living in Utopia.

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some posters here easily confuse the word 'investment' with 'aid'.

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