Philippines says Japan offers help in anti-piracy effort


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Must be wish list. Philippine sides lists by Japan and China. does not hate Muslims and I don't think Chin a dither.

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The philippines government have known the rebels for years have been existing .On the piracy and have not really tried to end this as their is a muslim area .. its very good to see Japans assistance with this i hope it allows other areas hit by typhoons and earthquakes get assistance from their government Itt would be good pr for Japan to combine in a military type of exercise to help rebuild the traditional structures that mostly poor live in Giving Japan a founder place in Filipino lives This may help to end Hostilities in the Pirate Rebel areas

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@Ron: You have good idea. but only. Jan can is selling weapon our donating money in name of investment. Because Philippines is not Japanese territory

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Toshiko Your Right Want to give you a good but the page wont let me give you good so i say your Excelent.

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Ron, don't give up. Japan may secretly help there.

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