Philippines seeking Japanese defense equipment in face of China dispute


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The Philippines has relied on donations of military equipment from its allies such as the U.S. and Australia in the past.

Back to 1950's, The Philipines was richer than all neighboring countries and even Taiwan or Japan...........

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Sir--give your friends weapons of defence...Mr Abe must increase defence expenditure. thomas crane

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The Americans should give the P3 to the PI as well as F16 fighter aircraft and the money to operate them. They are currently defenseless against Chinese aggression.

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@yosun, It is not 1950 when poor Japan gave Filipin food donation. Write about this year Filipin. There are stories about its political situation etc.

@Yuri: Filipin wants Japanese weapons, It is not asking USA. When you want to buy TV from Walmart in Oklahoam, you don;t go to Kansas to buy TV. Ditto with weapons. filipin wants from Japan, not from USA.

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