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Philippines to hold naval exercises with Japan, U.S. as China row simmers


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Talk and talk is meaningless....Action is a vital....and China knows well about that...

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These drills are useless at this point.

Really - what's the point? To scare China?

From China's refusal to halt Washington's repeated calls to immediately halt the Invasion of the South China Sea - I mean "Land Reclamation" of the South China Sea, I can see where all this is going - nowhere.

Little to late at this point to try and do anything about it and just like Pre-911 Washington is asleep at the switch again.

You all know this "Land Reclamation" by Communist China of The South China Sea did not just happen overnight. This project must've taken at least 4 Years with all the planning surveying and research before China actually started the dredging process.

I believe Washington knew for years ago that China was sand dredging the islands and Washington and the U.N. just idly stood back and let them do it without any Stern Warnings to immediately halt then and not now.

So what's the penalty? Economic Sanctions on China? Raise the Tarrifs on all imports from China? Naval blockade to halt any further Militarization of the South China Sea?

So far Defense Secretary Carter and Admiral Harris have delivered some tough talk to China, but their tough talk fell on deaf ears in since the Chinese know that Washington is being constrained by Wall Street who continues to outsource American Jobs and Business to China.

Looks like China just spun that pivot right back on Washington.

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The world community and legal norms should decide the ownership of the area, and not communist China who unilaterally decide the matter with false and nonsense claimed as indisputable own's territory. CPP is showing the real face to the world, and what a shame. A bigger of multi nationals drill is needed and more often as needed to send a clear signal to the 21th. century bully.

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China said on Tuesday that land reclamation in the disputed Spratly islands would finish soon but be followed by “facility construction”, as it reasserted its claim over almost the entire South China Sea

The fact that the Government of China refuses to participate or recognize any adjudication from the Permanent Court of Arbitration, or defend its South China Sea claims to a United Nations Court/Tribunal, is further evidence the Government of China militarization of the reefs and islands will ultimately enforce a exclusive economic zone and seizure of global maritime trading routes.

This conclusion can be logically deduced from the speed of reclamation, the huge financial commitments and readiness to throw substantial logistical support and resource without recourse to budget restriction.

The time is drawing nigh when the Government of China will face a simple choice, continue down a path, the consequences will inevitably lead to a devastating conflict as these trading and maritime routes effect global economies......or take a step back and binding commit to removal of military installations that can threaten the stability of neighboring countries or effect the free movement of global trade.

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The pictures looks like a poster perfect example for 'friendly fire knee capping'. I'd be nervous if someone beside me was aiming their assault rifle in my general direction. It looks like they do need more practice.

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