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Suga, Abe attend memorial for father of N Korea abductee Megumi Yokota


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Suga has a thing for memorials, Mr Yokota would be best commemorated as promised by Abe a resolution. It's not one sided NK are responsible but a avenue of dialogue might help.

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The issue of the abductees goes beyond politics. It's an issue of humanity. A father passing away without seeing his daughter ever again is just plain evil, cruel. Even if she died in N. Korea, as a father, he had the right to hold a funeral, and pay respects to her. I hope Mrs. Yokota lives enough to see something as closure, but I highly doubt it. I can't imagine the hell they have gone through for decades. What an inspiring married couple. May Sakie remains strong.

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The Japanese government unfortunately continues to use this nearly 40-year-old offense to generate support for costly military expansion, as reported just yesterday.

Defense ministry officials are considering ... putting Aegis missiles on ... naval vessels. 


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Asiaman7Today  07:57 am JST

The Japanese government unfortunately continues to use this nearly 40-year-old offense to generate support for costly military expansion, as reported just yesterday.

Defense ministry officials are considering ... putting Aegis missiles on ... naval vessels. 

No, that is in response to NK's missiles. Not the abductees.

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@Hokkaidoboy - Very well said.

It is such a sad story that Yokota-san could not see his daughter again.

The barbaric and inhuman way in which she was taken is awful. Kidnapped by a foreign government on Japanese soil at such a young age; imagine how scared and sad she must have been. Her kidnapping is literally an inhuman act of war but this is a completely different subject.

I hope Yokota-san finds peace in his departing and his I hope his wife Sakie can find some semblance of comfort.

I could not even begin to imagine the suffering they all must have endured, both parents and child.

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OssanAmericaToday  08:03 am JST

No, that is in response to NK's missiles. 

Every burgeoning police state needs a boogieman.

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I could not help feeling some kind of unpleasantness about their frequent appearances on medias. It is not our tradition to appeal personal tragedies and misfortunes loudly to others. Every family has tragedies and sufferings they cannot recover. All the people are living biting bullets holding down anger and sadness.

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We have a saying in Lukuvia, “clutching at straws”.

Everything is going bottom down, so these dinosaurs need to use propaganda to hoodwink the nation.

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Crocodile tears from a dictator

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I don't know why this continues to be something the Government continue to push on with. North Korea say it is resolved, They told who died, they returned those that were alive, and told who didn't make it to North Korea. And we know they won't be able to provide bones as they most likely in mass graves or buried at sea.

With the previous reaction and outcry from Japan causing sanctions etc against NK when they admitted to the abduction of 13 people, they will not repeat that mistake again meaning they will not admit to any further abductees in fear of risking new sanctions.

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Japanese government is pretending pushing on with this matter because they did not wrestle with this problem seriously at the time when mysterious disappearances people happened often. Japanese police and the government did not take heed of the problem despite requests of their families.

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Good for Abe and Suga. It is the right thing to do to keep up the pressure on NK. I remember Abe stating that he will never rest until the kidnapees are returned to Japan, and Suga has shown he will take this fight up all the way too.

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too little too late Abe and Suga!!

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All of those abductees events to this one of memorial are certainly North Korea regime caught them to use their documents and to teach Japanese language for spies, very sneaky ways that country did is still really a detestable regime. At the same time, Japan diplomacy is the wrongest one in Abe government, no diplomat did something right to take them back, when could be money, could be to release some sanctions or what else to work up much smoothly. But they were only part of the bureaucratic Japanese system, even now useless in any international actions. That's really shame to come to this sad result.

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The Japanese government's fecklessness in getting a conclusive resolution makes me very angry and very sad for parents like the Yokotas. I truly hope you are RIP peace sir.

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It's morbid, Abe who promised a resolution Suga what's his thing, attending memorial a ceremony for dead people who were abandoned by the LDP. The levels of sickness are astounding.

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How can anyone make a promise such as this? They don’t have all the cards in their hands. These politicians are soooo self serving. Look good? When people finally wake up to the fact that the world community is not Japan-centered but is more like a complex chess game then they’ll hold the pols to their words. Pure show & crocodile tears.

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although _____ says the issue has been completely resolved.

Where have I heard that before?

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